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Should I shave my pubic hair?

I'm 18 and rather hairy! Should I share my pubic hair? Which would look better?

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    Here's how to shave your pubes: If you can afford to get no-no hair remover on TV that's the best way. If not then 1st pluck/wax some of them while they're long. Cut the hairs short. Apply shaving cream or conditioner to the pubic area. Then shave upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs with a 5-bladed razor. Be sure to shave hard to make it smooth. Afterwords to avoid getting beginners side effects wash the area off with acne cleanser, dishwasher soap, or rubbing alcohol. It only takes me 5 minutes to shave that & I shave about 3x a week. If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me. If you do experience beginners side effects don't panic! just put acne cream on the bumps, pop them if you can, keep up the shaving routine, & they should go away within a month. That's just a reaction cause your body isnt used to being hairless there. Even I itched & burned when I 1st started. Also try rubbing one of those skin moisturizing bar soaps on the area after you shave it. That'll make it really soft. Also when my facial razor gets dull I switch it to my body razor.

    You can also get it removed permanently with electrolysis which is painful & costs $55 an hour. I've gotten 3 treatments on mine. Email me for more info about it.

    Here's the benefits of hair removal: The absence of it is erotic, sensational, & it's easier to sexually relieve yourself. You'll feel sexier, younger, & cleaner. For girls it makes their periods easier to clean up because the hair traps in blood. It's cleaner because hair traps in odors & dirt & is 1 less thing to wash when you take a shower. One of the reasons I started shaving is because I would kill time twirling the hairs when I saw that area. Pubes can get caught in stuff like your zipper. & you won't leave long gross hairs on stuff like toilets. The only real con is that it takes time & maintance. But then alot of hairy people spend that time doing other worthless stuff like smoking.

    I've got a blog posted on my profile about why there's nothing wrong with pubic hair removal (or body hair removal on either sex) that you & everybody else should read. & fyi you don't need to be sexually active to shave that area. I have friends that are complete prudes that are into body hair removal.

    I hope I am helping people by answering these questions. If you don't wanna pick my answer as best at least let me know if my advice has helped you.

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    Depends some people like pubic hair and some dont its your.choose personaly i would...

  • dave j
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    8 years ago

    Keep it. Whether you're male or female, you'll look like an adult instead of a child.

  • 8 years ago

    well duhh you should shave! why would you want to be hairy?!

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  • 8 years ago

    Wax it only

  • john
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    8 years ago

    shave it

  • 7 years ago


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