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Help with History homework?

(Don't assume I'm lazy in coming here for homework, this is a 200 question packet I'm working on and I've completed quite a lot of it. I'm just asking if anybody happens to know the answers to a few remaining questions. Thank you. ...also: Some of these questions may be worded awkwardly-I'm typing them how they were presented.)

a) Congressional Reconstruction began with the passage of what legislation that granted citizenship to all persons born in the United States except Native Americans?

b) The agency given the task of feeding and clothing war refugees in the South using surplus army supplies was called the___

c) Southerners who called for the creation of a 'New South' were convinced that the region had to develop a strong ___

d) President Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction offered a general pardon to Southerners who took an oath of loyalty to the United States and accepted the Union's proclamation concerning ___

e) World War I was the first war in which __

f) To conserve energy during World War I, the fuel Administration introduced ___ (I believe this was Daylight savings time, but I need to be sure. Could be Hooverizing also, I think.)

g) What led to trench warfare?

h) The 'Big Four' who attended the peace conference at the end of World War I were the leaders from the United States, Britain, France, and ___

i) What law reduced the average tariff on imported goods to about 30 percent of the value of the goods, or about half of the tariff rate of the 1890s? (Was this the Underwood Tariff?)

j) The meeting in 1905 that included W.E.B. Du Bois and other African American leaders to demand full political rights and responsibilities for African Americans eventually resulted in the founding of the___

k)To restore public confidence in the banking system, Wilson supported the establishment of ___ (Federal Reserve System?)

Thank you to anyone who will be able to help.

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    No offense,but I googles all these things

    A) Civil Rights Act of 1866

    B) Freedman's Bureau

    C) Economic system

    D) Parts of the confederacy occupied by union armies

    E) I think this is where all the world powers are involved 

    F) I found the fuel administration, and I found they introduced prohibition

    G) Trench warfare occurred when a military revolution in firepower was not matched by similar advances in mobility, resulting in a grueling form of warfare in which the defense held the advantage.

    H) Italy

    I) Underwood

    J) NAACP (national association for the advancement of colored people)

    K) Either that or the Clayton Antitrust Act think it's that though

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    unsure if it particularly is what you're searching for yet right here is going... a million. honesty. not extra cheating on wall highway, housing industry, etc. 2. have confidence. have self assurance that what your leaders verify is on your maximum suitable interest. 3. delight. be pleased with this u . s . a .. 4. fearless. don't be afraid. we are going to get out of this mess. 5. customers. this is going alongside with being fearless. it particularly is a capitalist device... you're able to be able to desire to spend money to make money. 6. self sufficient. do no longer ask for a bail out till you have tried to bail your self out. 7. attentive. comprehend your political leaders. pay interest to politics. you're a citizen and once you're over 18 you're a voter. 8. effective. help others in choose for. nonprofits, buddies, acquaintances, whoever. 9. constrained bipartisanship. no longer democrat. no longer republican. american. 10. end racism. its 2009. i do no longer care what the president appears like... I merely choose for to work out this u . s . a . run the way it is going to be.

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