World Civilizations Help? Post Classical Period?

1. Why did they transition from the classical to the post classical period?

2. Major themes of the post classical period?

3. Examples of themes (3 maybe?)

4. Analysis of commonalities

5. Why did they leave the post classical period and go into the early modern period?

Please don't hate on my 'they''s ...i know it's not really people transitioning but i couldn't think of a good way to word it. please help. No Hate. ♥

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    there have been the Mayans, Aztecs and Mississippi valley civilizations. they could arguably be noted as progressed with their structure, city planning, astronomy... Tenochtitlan replaced into as large as any city interior the West and that i imagine it would want to have nonetheless been an rather large cityin the East. the realm round lake titicaca also had fantastically fancy irrigation also, cocoa, quinoa and using peppers, shows that some very wholesome ingredients got here from them also. The positioned up classical era in Europe replaced into often feudalistic and dependent around the church, yet Crop rotation and some different advances did ensue and monestaries did shop up study in classical languages.

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