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If a green card holder married an f-1 student how can she apply for him? when and how his status will change?

I received my Green Card a year ago. I fell in love and I got engaged and we are planing to get married in few months. My fiance is an F-1 student that has been in the United States for two years now. I want to apply for him though he is more concerned about his studies he is not giving more attention to it. But once we get married he will need to have a job. As a student now he is only eligible to work in college. I was wondering if we get married, is it going to change his status and make him eligible to work?

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  • Raelyn
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    You can marry him, but he win't be able to adjust status to a green card right away. The wait time is 3-4 years for spouses of green card holders, and he must remain in status. He can complete his studies as a F-1 student and do OPT after graduation,l. By the time he finishes both, he'll be eligible for a green card.

  • Lisa A
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    7 years ago

    You can apply for him, but he will not be able to adjust status to a green card and get a job for 4 years. And if his F1 status expires during that time, he must go home.

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    u have citizenship and characteristic visa she in basic terms has visa in case you marry her u positioned her on your visa as for citizenship i imagine you provide it to her. examine with human being in can charge congrats :-)

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