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12. When would you need to use STP as opposed to regular UTP cable?

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    STP simply has additional shielding material that is used to cancel any external interference that may be introduced at any point in the path of the cable. UTP cables have no protection against such interference and its performance is often degraded in its presence. Using STP cables ensure that you get the maximum bandwidth from your cabling even if the external condition is less than ideal.

    The biggest drawback to using STP cables is the higher cost. The shielding is an additional material that goes into every meter of the cable, thereby raising its total cost. The shielding also makes the cable heavier and a bit more difficult to bend or manipulate in any way. This is not a big issue but something that users should know when choosing between STP and UTP.

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    The STP has a shielding that protects cable from external EMI from entering or exiting the cable and also protects neighboring pairs from crosstalk. When you are in an environment with high EMI or a gazillion cables next to each other its recommended to use STP

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