Why does y mom seem like she isn't happy or at least excited for me?

Recently I've been talking about either joining the Air Force or Navy because basically I feel like my life is passing me by and I haven't accomplished ANYTHING. I've already signed up for Nursing school back in October BUT classes are always delayed and rescheduled so there isn't an exact date on when I'll be starting. I need to do something with my life! Find a job?! Right, like that's as easy as ABC. No one is NEVER hiring. But honestly, I just want my father to be proud of me. Even though he is not here on this earth anymore, I know he'll be smiling from heaven when he sees all that I've accomplished. I know that it won't be easy, but I'm not looking for easy. I want to work, I want responsibilities. I know I'm only 20 but I think that's GROWN ENOUGH! I've been saying that I'm going to contact a recruiter sometime next week but I just want to make sure this is what I want to do and which branch will be best for me. I've been talking about it for some days now, but my mom hasn't been saying much. I'll say little things like, "I can't eat sweets and junk food anymore I have to get in shape and eat right if I want to join the military." or, "I want to better myself, I want to have a bright future and a feeling of great accomplishment." and she won't say anything but "Oh yeah,.. yeah.." What do you think is wrong with her? I think maybe she thinks I'm just bullshitting and I won't follow through with this decision but honestly, each day that passes by, I get more and more interested in wanting to go. I don't like the way things are going in my life. I want to change them. My sister is happy for me. We talk about it together. I haven't told anyone else in my family about it yet but I do plan on it after meeting with a recruiter.


I've always been the preppiest one out of my family. There is 8 of us and I am the youngest. All of my other siblings have babies and families. She's so excited for them whenever they tell her their pregnant/with child but when I bring some news to her she doesn't have anything to say.

I love makeup and fashion, but just because I'm joining the military doesn't mean I can't steal enjoy those things. The only time I won't be able to wear makeup is during BMT and so forth. That doesn't mean I have to give them up forever though. I do not plan on making a career out this also. Just 4 years.

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  • 7 years ago
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    1- Your mother thinks you're full of it (as usual) and won't follow through so she doesn't comment

    2- Your mother is concerned you'll do it, and views military as a dangerous choice.

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  • _Mo_
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    7 years ago

    Based on what you wrote, you are not even remotely ready for the military. You have some emotional issues you need to get in order before committing yourself to the military. Your mom seems to be avoiding the whole issue, it's likely she thinks your interest will fade, or, she doesn't want you to go and by ignoring the issue, she hopes the whole thing will die down and you'll find another interest. Slow down, even though your itching to do something with your life, there's no need to make a rash decision. Worrying about wearing makeup? You need to get a reality check. Sounds like the youngest kid in the family syndrome, wanting to be as accomplished as your older siblings. Give it time. Maybe you do need a part-time job until your spot in nursing school opens up. Good luck, take it easy.

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