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How To Breed A Mini Rex?

I have a Doe mini rex and i have done all of my research. My friend breeds mini lops so i have her but what are the steps for mini rex.

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    Hi There:)

    I am a Holland Lop breeder. And from experience, the breeding doesn't have everything to do with the breed of rabbit. However it does have a lot too do with the rabbit at the same time. Does that make sense?

    The biggest step is,

    -Is your doe old enough?

    -Breeding rabbits is based off age before you start and the breed-able age depends on the size. -Smaller breeds can breed sooner than larger breeds.

    This is something you'd have too research and find out yourself.

    Also, due too her size, how many kits (based on the average) is she likely to expect?

    If you just google more n mini rex isef. I'm sure you could find out more.

    Source(s): Holland Lop breeder
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