Why are 4 year degrees so much better than 2 year degrees?

I am wanting to go into marketing which I can choose to take at a 2 year college or a 4year university! The 2 year college is $7,000, the 4 year college would be $65,000 since I would have to pay rent and meals while at the college I can stay at home! Why do employers love 4 year programs so much? Is it because they wasted the money and feel that everyone else should? I know so many people with 4 year degrees and even masters degrees that are working in retail sales! I have a friend that did a 4 year marketing degree and he is graduating this year and said that he learned nothing that would help him in the real world however people that did the 2 year feel that they are job ready! Why is an extra 2 years in school plus an extra $59,000 so much better? Please no answers like "you are more educated in different areas" because who cares I am not going to school in marketing to learn about history, science and poetry, I want to go to learn only useful stuff, the rest of the sh!t I can learn online!

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    8 years ago
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    More education has more value.

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  • 4 years ago

    As a college graduate, i can optimistically say that a bachelor's degree is average extra useful. It only relies upon on what you're focusing on. I comprehend that the wellbeing sciences are good for both 365 days courses, despite the undeniable fact that, if you're majoring in something else, I recommend that a 4 365 days software will grant you plenty extra possibilities, such as graduate college. also, many employers seek for a bachelor's in any case in utilizing for a job. average, i don't think of that is precise to generalize a level in protecting with how lengthy it takes or the position that is from, yet truly what you sense extra tender with.

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