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What is "Mara Arinya!! Estel elye Harya Mara olore." in English?

It is elvish. Probably Sindarin or Quenya. If someone could give me the accurate translation as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    It's Quenya. And inaccurate.

    mara -> mára - good, useful, fit

    arinya - morning (adjective)

    estel - hope, trust (noun)

    elye - you, even thou

    harya - have, possess; personless Aorist form of harya- - to have, possess

    olore -> olor, olóre, olos - dream

    So basically it says:

    "Good morning!! Hope you have a good dream."

    (The indefinite article does not exist in Quenya, so nouns without article are considered indefinite.)



    For the verb conjugation see:

    A grammatically correct version of this could be:

    "Már' arin! Nas estelinya i harnelye mára olóre."

    (Good morning! It is my hope that you had a good dream.)


    "Már' arin! Estelinya i harnelye mára olor ná."

    (Good morning! My hope is that you had a good dream.)

    már' - elided version of mára - good

    arin - morning (noun)

    na-, ná - is

    -s - it, she, he

    estel - hope, trust

    -nya - my (-i- is a connecting vowel to avoid forbidden consonant clusters)

    i - the, that

    harne - past tense of harya- - possess, have

    -lye - you, thee

    olóre, olor - dream

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