how often should u change lancets if u have gestational diabetes and use a needle pricker?

my doctor diagnosed me with gestational diabetes and im almost 38 weeks pregnant. i have to test my sugar levels four times a day and am on a strict and good diet. she also told me to change the lancets every other day or so. but my perscription came with 100 what do i believe?

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    You can do as the instructions with the lancet says and change them every time you use it, or you can do what most of us do and change them when they get to where they are makin huge holes in your finger! That is when I remember to change!!

    I have the new Delica lancets and holder that came with my new One Touch Mini and they are 33 g. and must be changed every other testing!! they are so fine they get really dull really fast, and most of the time I don't even know that they have poked a hole in my hide they are so fine! I cannot feel them at all.

    Doctors take exactly 6 credit hours of dietetics (foods, nutrition and diet) in undergraduate school!! I have taken 24 credit hours and continuing education in dietetics!

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    There's two reasons to change a lancet: they get dull and they get contaminated. Contamination is easily eliminated by using alcohol to clean the lancet and keeping the lancet in a clean environment. Lancets create more trauma as they dull. If the pricks with a dull lancet are not bothering you, then you can keep using them until you notice that the pricks are more painful than they should be. You can also have the pharmacy contact the doc to get more lancets if you run out. Its entirely up to you.

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    Determined this after I wanted to get some advice. Q: i change my lancet as soon as a month. How mainly do you endorse changing lancets? A: in the early days of blood glucose self-monitoring, pricking the finger to get a “hanging drop” of blood most of the time harm and left a scar. This was considering the method created a laceration, rather than a puncture. We’ve come a ways because then, with multiplied spring-loaded devices, strips that require less blood and lancets which might be sharper and almost always lined with a lubricant. Lancets at the moment are rather more cozy to make use of and no more more likely to motive a scar. In these days’s lancets are so excellent that they're most of the time reused. The causes to reuse lancets are obvious: It’s more cost effective and faster not to ought to change them at any time when; it’s less complicated to not carry extra lancets round; and, for some customers, the lancets truely seem extra at ease after being “damaged in.” seeing that the lancet goes into the subcutaneous house and is not being used intravenously, and considering the fact that blood is flowing out of the body, sterility is on the whole now not an hassle. The expense of infections and harm from lancets is totally low. Many humans, nonetheless, are usually not competent to reuse lancets due to the fact that they believe pain or they experience scarring if the lancet will not be in finest . Once a lancet has been used, its floor is rougher, the lubricant wears off and the factor is duller. Any handling of the lancet, equivalent to cleansing with alcohol, tends to irritate it. For these contributors, using a brand new lancet whenever is good beneficial. My patients find out pretty quickly if they are able to reuse their lancets. I’m supportive of any solutions that work and that are trustworthy, specifically if it results in elevated self-monitoring of blood glucose levels, which is indispensable for them to make informed choices about insulin doses, meal planning and undertaking scheduling.

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    Believe “Nana Lamb!” Most diabetics re-use until the lancet fails! As long as you are the only user and you wash your hands before using it, put the lancet in a clean untouched place each time, you should be fine. Theoretically, a fresh lancet each use is recommended. Similarly, many reckon that medi-swabbing the site each time produces a skin change and they only wash the site, instead of using a medi-swab, when they wash their hands.


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    i use one lancet, once a day. which is usually 2 uses, occasionally 3 uses.

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