Need wireless solution for my desktop?

I have a desktop and a laptop. The laptop has wireless, but the desktop doesn't. I have the modem Huawei MT 882. So if I buy a wireless modem; what else will I have to add to the desktop to make it wireless as well. My computer guy calls it a dongle, but what is it called in technical terms, so that I can search for it.

My computer guy says I'll first have to get this:

Does anyone know of any better one. It has to be ADSL and wireless and router.

Also, is installing all this complicated? I already know how to change settings on my modem by opening the page. My computer guy is charging extra for this.


@ Ram: Thanks a lot! Only one thing, the link for the wireless modem you have given doesn't have ADSL. So I will have to connect wireless modem to the Huawei modem which then connects with the BSNL telephone line?

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