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A question about my eng.comp.

On Thursday I'll have a daily recitation.We need to create stories by ourselves. Can you please help me to correct this comp?If my grammars or other english words are wrong or missing,can you please help me to type this comp again?

Thanks for your help.

The story of two beautiful flowers

In a long long time ago,there's no human,no animals and no houses.But there's a field of flower which can move and talk.But they can't fly or swim.There's a

most grace,most beautiful and most colorful flower in this field.It is a Ranunculus.All of the flowers loves her very much.So,she became the queen of this field.

One day,the flower had dream.She dreamt of a flower,which is very beautiful and colouful.She knew thats her.But suddenly,another flower comes.She is angelic.She is glamorous.She is beauteous.She is more beautiful than the Ranunculus.Her name is Carnation.

Although this was a dream,but the Ranunculus still worrying about that one day the dream would be true.


As the Ranunculus's think,the dream became true.She is angelic.She is glamorous.She is beauteous.She is kind and attached.She is more beautiful than the Ranunculus.Her name is Carnation.Everyone said that she is more beautiful than the Ranunculus..

Update 2:

Someone even said,'Should we let her to do the queen of our field?'The Ranunculus was very angry and envy.She decides to kill the Carnation.But at last ,she failed.The Carnation forgives her,and the Ranunculus was so regret to do that.But she is still hate the Carnation.

Update 3:

One year later,a tsunami comes.The Ranunculus was fell in to the deep sea.She was so scared.She cried for help,'Help!I fell in to the sea !'But no one went to the sea to rescue her.Because they are all fell in to the sea.Suddenly,she saw a raft was coming to her.

Update 4:

She cried loudly to the flower which is on the raft.She was sinking quickly at that moment.The flower which is on the boat rescue her swiftly.The Ranunculus thanks her very much.But when she saw that the flower which has rescue her is the Carnation.

Update 5:

She was so amazement.The Caration says,'Although you did anything to me in the past.I'll forgive you.Because those things are in the past,we should forgive it.Don't lock it in your heart.'

Update 6:

Suddenly,the weather turns good.It was at night already.They looked at the sky and saw two brightly stars are shining together,and they promised each other---- we are the best friend forever.

Update 7:

Q.1 Why was the Ranunculus hates the Carnation ?

Q.2 Why did the Carnation rescue the Ranunculus ?

Q.3 Why the other flowers didn't rescue the Ranunculus ?

Update 8:

Please correct my comp,not answer my questions !

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    Errors and corrections in your Eng.compo.-----

    Q.1 Because the Carnation was angelic, glamorous, beauteous, kind and attached=everyone says she is the Queen which makes her envy and angry.

    Q.2 Although Ranunculus kills Carnation in the past, she forgives her because those were in the past. We should forgive the obvious hatred and don't lock it in our hearts!

    Q.3 All fell into the sea,and without rafts.

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    the first few words should be: Once apon a time ...Or :long long time ago.......there's nothing but a field of beautiful flower,this flowers are very special they can talk ,can move just like you and me......(and then go on)

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