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English Reading MCQ


Why is shyness ? Shyness means to feel a little scared (1) _____ you

are around other people. Some children are born shy while some have become

shy because (2) _____ experiences they have had (3) _____ school or at home.

It is also normal for people to feel shy when they are placed in (4) ______ new

environment, for example, when they go to school for the first time. This kind of shyness is temporary and often (5) _____ away while people become adjusted (6) _____ the new environment.

Is shyness a problem? No, it is not (7) _____ it becomes very serious. For

example, some people are so nervous about ordering (9) _____ that they avoid

going to restaurants. (10) ______ people should seek help.

According to (11) ______ psychologists, being shy is not necessarily a

hindrance to everyday lives. Sometimes it is helpful to be slightly shy. A shy

person may respond (12) ______ hastily to a new situation than someone who

is not shy. This is (13) ______ they prefer spending time observing the scene

before taking action.

If you know someone (14) _____ is extremely shy, try (15) ______ help the

person feel less nervous by spending more time talking to him or (16) _____.

The more time you (17) with the person, the less shy he or she will (18) _____

around you.


1. A just

B like

C whom

D when

Update 2:

2. A with

B to

C of

D beyond

Update 3:

3. A to

B of

C behind

D at

Update 4:

4. A a

B going

C many

D much

Update 5:

5. A goes

B going

C comes

D came

Update 6:

6. A out

B with

C to

D against

Update 7:

7. A because 8. A to 9. A menu

B unless B by B ingredients

C for C of C recipes

D while D under D food

Update 8:

10. A This

B That

C These

D Most

Update 9:

11. A some

B that

C these

D a little

Update 10:

12. A very

B much

C more

D less

Update 11:

13. A because

B as

C since

D what

Update 12:

14. A which

B whom

C who

D why

Update 13:

15. A with

B to

C on

D for

Update 14:

16. A them

B he

C she

D her

Update 15:

17. A spends

B spend

C thinks

D think

Update 16:

18. A feels

B feel

C walks

D walk

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