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Did queen Victoria ever travel abroad?

I have read that George 5th sailed to India for the Delhi Dunbar in June 1911. How about his grandmother?

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    Queen Victoria travelled abroad very often, typically in an unofficial capacity (i.e. on holiday). Most of her trips outside Britain and Ireland were to France, Germany and Italy.

    Here are some of her foreign visits:

    1843 Victoria made here first visit abroad to France staying with King Louis-Philippe at Chateau d'Eu in Normandy, where she returned in 1845.

    1845 Victoria made an extended tour of Germany with Albert, visiting his birthplace Rosenau in Saxe-Coburg. They returned frequently.

    1855 Victoria made an official state visit to Paris.

    1863 Victoria met the Austrian emperor Franx Josef I in Saxe-Coburg.

    1879 Victoria toured Germany and Italy.

    1882 Victoria made her first visit to the French Riviera, visiting Menton. She fell in love with the Riviera and returned there eight times.

    1888 Victoria visited Florence in Italy as the guest of Lady Crawford.

    1889 During a stay in Biarritz (France) Victoria briefly crossed into Spain, becoming the first British monarch to visit the country.

    1894 Victoria made her last visit to Saxe-Coburg.

    However, Victoria made no visits to any of the countries she ruled (Canada, India etc) outside the United Kingdom.

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    Victoria Travels

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    Queen Victoria never travelled to different factors of the British Empire different than those right this moment around England for a sort of reasons... initially, very few monarchs formerly Victoria went to different factors of the international. do no longer forget that Britian is an island, and shuttle, formerly airplanes, meant ships or trains. It took a while to get everywhere, and the monarch became predicted to stay homestead, as they have been the 'soul' of the rustic. Prince Albert did the vacationing, besides as, of direction, the ambassadors, and so on. cutting-part shuttle has allowed the heads of countries to shuttle lots greater so now than back then.

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