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Christians still deny they try and force others to follow their faith?

"Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point"

"Cadet Blake Page criticized a culture where cadets stand silently for prayers, where nonreligious cadets were jokingly called "heathens" by instructors at basic training and where one officer told him he'd never be a leader until he filled the hole in his heart.

In announcing his resignation this week ... he denounced "criminals" in the military who violate the oaths they swore to defend the Constitution."

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    He wasn't forced to do anything. He wasn't forced to go to West Point. He wasn't forced to pray. He wasn't forced to quit.

    Yet some have no problem trying to force their lack of faith on others.

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    4 years ago

    Societal rules and following Christ are 2 diverse issues. international locations make rules in protecting with their cost structures. cost structures, most of the time, come from non secular beliefs. sure, even atheistic international locations have theory structures which will properly be considered non secular. those values are put in position by a majority of like-minded people. So if almost all of people comply with abide by those rules, the drunken disorderly bum may might want to sober up on Sunday out of respect if you happen to've sacrificed to construct the country he freely lives in. He can wait till Monday before he can bypass get inebriated back. that is not any longer forcing anyone to shop on with their "faith". Now if the alternative is lack of life or conversion, then you definitely have a level. that is not.

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    Trying to convert people and giving them opportunities for prayer are very different from FORCING them to convert.

    Let's not be silly. Such hyperbole just undermines the argument.

    However, the INSTRUCTORS are acting unConstitutionally if this is so and it needs to be stopped.

    If he is talking about behavior by students, then tough.

    If he is talking about opportunities for prayer and reflection, non-denominational, then tough.

    No one owes anti-theists to hide all vestiges of religion from public site.

    I'm not religious. I just have no patience for anti-theists.

    Atheists are perfectly reasonable.

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    Absolutely NOT.

    As for your isolated example...this cadet needs to grow a thicker skin.

    Life's like that sometimes.

    Christians get criticized, and mocked constantly... and we keep our heads up, and do what we do.

    Buddy needed to quit if he's that much of wimp... and take up basket-weaving.. a hobby he can do alone , isolated..

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    So West Point is the Training ground for Gods Army it seems the Christian Crusades are "NOT OVER"

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    8 years ago

    Nobody forced him to go there, and nobody forced him to leave. It's not like an al Qaeda training camp where he'd be on someone's hit list if he left.

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    I don't try to cus I'm not extremely religous(but i am christian) I think people dont realize their forcing others because in our minds, we're trying to save you from eternal damnation

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    Strange idea you have of force.

    Who forced you to ask this question?

    Suppose you will say Christians.

    That is your warped idea of force.

    @ by Charles. Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. The clue is also in the name. Such ignorance on here!

  • 8 years ago

    They whine about everything...what did you expect?

  • I feel bad for them..

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