♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

♂ Bennett Joseph "Ben"

♂ Charles Dominic "Charlie"

♂ Daniel Jacob "Daniel"

♂ Gregory Thomas "Greg"

♂ Joseph Gordon "Joseph"

♂ Kevin Andrew "Kevin"

♂ Nicholas Adam "Nick"

♂ Walter Philip "Walter"

The most detailed answer will get ten points. =)

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    ✓Bennett Joseph - I love the name Bennett! I've recently come across that name and I've loved that name ever since I found it. Joseph is simple and handsome. I like this name a lot. I also like how Bennett is uncommon and different.

    ✕Charles Dominic - I don't like this name. I think the name Charles is terrible and completely old sounding. Dominic is a nice name but I think it's a little too modern with Charles. Charles also sounds more like a nickname to Charlie to me. Not a fan of this name at all..

    ✓Daniel Jacob - I like this name a lot. I like how it's classic and I think the name Daniel is timeless. Jacob isn't a name that I love, but I don't hate it as much either. I like the flow of the name.

    ✕Gregory Thomas - I don't like this name either. Gregory is a terrible name. I think it's ugly and very old. I can only see an older man with this name. Not a four year old or even a teenager. Thomas is nice and simple. I like Thomas but not Gregory. Plus the name is a little boring considering Thomas is a common middle name.

    ✕Joseph Gordon - I thought I liked this name when I first read it but then I looked it over again and I didn't like it. I don't know but I hate the name Gordon. I think Joseph is used better as a middle name just because it adds classic to any name. Gordon is a little uncommon which is nice but it's also a little old to me.

    ✓Kevin Andrew - I like how simple this name is. Kevin is nice, uncommon and it's handsome. Andrew is a wonderful middle name! Makes a name handsome.

    ✓Nicholas Adam - I don't think I like the flow of this name. I like both names apart from each other. But, I do like this name. I think Nicholas is a wonderful name! Adam is alright.

    ✕Walter Philip - This name is the worst on this list. Walter is completely old! The name is terrible. Philip isn't too bad but I do like it as a middle name like you used it. I just think the name Walter is really weird. I just hate this name.

  • Ally
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Bennett Joseph 5/10

    Charles Dominic 4/10

    Daniel Jacob 4/10

    Gregory Thomas 4/10

    Joseph Gordon 5/10 (but I automatically think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

    Kevin Andrew 7/10

    Nicholas Adam 7/10

    Walter Philip 3/10

  • 8 years ago

    I think it'd be better switched Joseph Bennet

    Love Charles Dominic, Charlie is adorable!

    Daniel Jacob is cute, could go by DJ!

    Not fond of Gregory Thomas, only cause Greg and Craig are too similar and I hate Craig lol

    Joseph Gordon, flow nice, love Gordon!

    Kevin Andrew also goes really well together

    Nicolas Adam I thought would be weird but when I said it it doesn't sound so bad. I like Adam.

    Walter Philip I think would sound better switched too Philip Walter

  • 8 years ago

    Bennett Joseph- Bennett <3 I adore the nickname Ben, and therefor I find most ben names awesome. Bennett is great. Classy, but not as overdone as Benjamin (though I love it). Joseph is a great name and it flows very well.

    Charles Dominic- I'm not a huge fan of Dominic, but I adore Charles/Charlie. It's one of those names that's great because Charlie is lovely for a child, and Charles works really well for a grown up. While I'm not a person fan of Dominic there's nothing wrong with it and I agree it flows very well.

    Daniel Jacob- Probably my favorite. I adore Daniel and Jacob! I also love that there isn't a nickname. Of course, Dan/Danny isn't bad and he might want to go by it but I like that you don't automatically shorten it :-)

    Gregory Thomas- Not my favorite, but it's nice. Gregory is lovely, and I can really picture on any age, but I'm not a huge fan Thomas. I suggest Grey or Rory for a nickname, and Gregory Nathaniel or Gregory Oliver instead.

    Joseph Gordon- Gordon <3 ! I adore Gordon. Joseph is great. Like Daniel, I like that you don't automatically shorten it. Second favorite of your names.

    Kevin Andrew- I love Kevin! It's so cool, and really fits any age. It was decently popular I think at some age, but was never overdone. And I adore Andrew, have had it in many spots in my top ten list.

    Nicholas Adam- Cute! Nicholas is great, and isn't as popular anymore. One of those great names that will never be totally out. Adam is cute and works super well with it.

    Walter Philip- Walter is pretty old fashioned, but I actually really like it. It's cool, I can see it coming back. Wally would be cute as a little kid. Philip is cute and works well with it. Good flow.

    As always, I really like your style. Many of these names are actually in my family haha :-)

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  • 8 years ago

    I like Kevin Andrew, Bennett Joseph, Jacob, Adam

  • Aria
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    8 years ago

    Nicolas Adam

    Gregory Thomas

  • 8 years ago

    I will just tell you the names I like.

    Bennett Joseph is the only name I like and you don't hear many boys with the name Bennett I love it

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  • 8 years ago

    These are all awesome names! Not a trendy or made-up name among them!

    My favorites are Kevin Andrew and Daniel Jacob.

  • 8 years ago

    Nicholas Adam is better.

  • Anonymous
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