Chances of getting into my top college choices?

So I have three reach schools on my list, and even though I'm just a junior, I was wondering what you think my chances of getting into them are? I just want to know if I need to start working harder this year and next year.

My top three in order are: Yale, Stanford, and then Brown.

Grades: All A's

GPA: Non-weighted 4.0 all three years so far

Weighted 9th grade: 4.429

Weighted 10th grade: 4.67

Weighted 11th grade (so far): 4.83

Classes: So far, I've taken or am taking seven APs. Senior year I plan to take 6. So total 13. Scores on the ones I've taken have been 5s.

SAT: 2190 combined. I think I need to pull this up to around a 2300. My Critical Reading+ Math is 1450.

SAT II: Only taken one so far, 750 in Biology, but will take more this year.


3 Year Member of Pre-Med Club

Work at a University Research Laboratory and compete at Science Fair (Won first in county, Honorable Mention at State, and Intel ISEF Finalist. Hope to compete again this year)


Spanish Honors Society

"Superior" in Federation Piano Competition (5 years competing)

8 Years of Classical Indian Dance

Member of Mu Alpha Theta 2 Years

Hospital Volunteer 150+ Hours Community Service

So what do you think my chances are? Also do you think I should take the ACT? I heard that if you take the SAT and get a solid score (I would like to bring mine up), it's okay if you don't take the ACT.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    You certainly seem like a great candidate! I personally know people with lower scores, lower GPAs, and fewer extracurriculars who have gotten into Yale and Brown. Yale especially tends to care a lot about merit as well. Stanford I don't know as much about. I think you will be very likely to get in, so you should start focusing your energy on getting scholarships, unless money is not an issue or you already have them. Your SATs are a bit average for those schools, so it couldn't hurt you if you wanted to try again. The ACT is something you should probably take. Even if you score high on the SATs, taking the ACT makes you seem committed and acts as a bit of reinforcement. If you want to do anything else to improve your transcript, then really the only thing left to add is a competitive sport or example of leadership. You are in NHS, though, so your qualifications for leadership are probably covered! Good luck!

    Source(s): college student, boyfriend's mother works at Yale
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  • 7 years ago

    Yale - slim chance unless you can increase your SAT to a 2300

    The other schools you will have a very good chance of being accepted to.

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