How can a secret organization decide the presidency over the masses without winning independence 1st?

I've never heard of a commonwealth having a president. Does guam or Puerto Rico have a president? Provincial Governor yes. Having captured cavite does not win independence for the entire territory of Las Islas de Felipinas just because Aguinaldo (Japanese Collaborator/Yellow Tail/Turn Coat) and his fellow cavitenians declared it to be so, there were no treaties or surrender signed by Spain. In the U.S. after the British complete defeat by the colonies, it took years of debate to draft a system of government and elect a president 13 years after U.S. independence. Only the U.S and other formidable countries at the time of spanish american war had the fire power, technology (naval ships/battle group) and tactical know how to expel the spaniard. The only S/E asian country to expel two super Power was Vietnam 1st with France then the U.S next.

Bonifacio captured the hearts of the masses in most provinces except cavite and to steal the thunder away from Bonifacio was to take Bonifacio out of the picture.

Independence was never won on June 12th but granted on July 4th after WWII. Aguinaldo was a master conspirator and opportunist fueled with extreme egotistical arrogance promoting himself into a revered figure without really earning and accomplishing true independence no matter who gets in his way whether it be Antonio Luna or Adres Bonifacio.

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    I personally do not think an organization whether secret or not can win presidency without winning first independence from the colonizers.

    I see that you are firmly against Emilio Aguinaldo and his troops in Cavite. No wonder an up coming movies are

    up at MFF this coming December, one is the film "el presidente" the life story of Emilio Aguinaldo and the other one is "supremo" which is the life of Andres Bonifacio. In my elementary days, the book of Zaide wrote in the Philippines history that Bonifacio died at Pugadlawin in the hands of the Spaniards, but later on, they told a different version of event when they said the Bonifacio brothers were executed by the faction of Emilio Aguinaldo for treason. No wonder we didn't won independence either from Spain or the Americans because we cannot unite for one cause alone.

    That is why it is true, Bonifacio captured the hearts of the masses. I will go with you on that. I also think Bonifacio should be our national hero not Dr. Jose Rizal. Why? Take a look at the countries that have their own national heroes all of them fought hard and die with a gun or sword on their hands. Rizal has a pen as a symbol of struggle while Bonifacio a gun and a sword. One thing is also certain Bonifacio is from a poor family while Rizal comes from a rich Chinese ancestors. Aguinaldo only wants one ruler, and he fits the bill. If Bonifacio lives he will be outflank and outrank by Bonifacio, so it is better to made up a plan to ruin the life of Bonifacio to the people and to the ruling faction of Aguinaldo. Why not treason. For not vowing to the rule of the Caviteno and to the rule of Aguinaldo. A story that was buried and hidden to the public for such a very long time.

    TRUE. Independence were never won on 12 June, because the American government did not recognized the rule of Emilio Aguinaldo troops. War still raging after that. And we never defeated the Americans either. I bet Aguinaldo hold up to the very last bastion til the Americans give in but never came. True. Aguinaldo was a conspirator and an opportunist, even that early on we already know the kind of Filipinos in the coming years, until Marcos comes to the picture that embodied all of that.

    But how can you correct this kind of malady in Philippines history? I bet the relatives of Aguinaldo will not accept such brazen accusation or branding of their grandfather. To them Emilio Aguinaldo is their great, great grandfather who fought for the Philippines revolution. Even Cavite city will not accept such branding of Aguinaldo. It

    is the

    wrong of the past that we still live on until this very day.

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    All I can say is if you didnt know Gloria Arroyo was the front woman for a group of greedy business men or Ogliarchs as Filipinos still call them then you must have your head in the sand.?

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    It looks like you are keen to have some sort of information from us instead of you are doing your own research.

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    i would like to know also

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