Why is the communist hammer and sickle socially acceptable?

I've been doing a lot of historical research on WWII. Before I used to think it was a good vs evil type of deal and only the Nazis and Italians were the bad guys but in my research I have discovered that over 2 and a half million women and children between the ages of 3 and 90 were raped and gang raped by the Red Army which were communists. This was supported by Stalin. Up until 1947 family suicides were common because of the fear they had of being raped and tortured. Often at times Red Army soldiers would rape wives and children in front of the father/husband. But I NEVER once heard about these things from the media. Yet I see people glorifying the USSR, people with hammer/sickle avatars, people proudly calling themselves communists, etc.

In general the communists killed even more people than the Nazis ever did. So why is the hammer and sickle socially acceptable while the Nazi Swastika isn't? Both have a very gruesome and bloody history. I could stretch it and say that they were worse than the Nazis because I've never heard about Nazi SS soldiers gang raping children when they invaded cities. Either way these are both horrible things. So why does no one complain when they see a statue of Stalin or someone wearing a hammer/sickle t shirt but if there is a Swastika somewhere or picture of Hitler they freak out?


Evan what the **** is wrong with you? Communism killed over 100 000 000 people. Idiot.

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    In regard to WW2, the German Army made unprovoked aggressive military invasions of many countries. Germany at the very least attempted to abide by the Geneva Convention in regard to its

    treatment of occuppied populations of the West except for its treatment of jewish people, trade

    union advocates, known socialists-communists, gypsies, residents of asylums and nursing homes,,, The fascist forces had in fact a racial ideology that was at its 'best' pseudoscientific' and

    was basically based on the racial ideas/opinions of the ruling fascist elite. The fascist forces also

    had a Right Wing Hegelian theory of militarism in which it believed basically in militarizing a society to the hilt, cleansing it of 'weakness' and thus becoming the strongest nation, which unfortunately meant<as was the case of Germany>liquidating hospitals and nursing homess of chronic and sot-so-chronic patients<generally 3-5 admissions would get you euthanized>exterminating unpopular minorities,hoarding the wealth of the people one murders, putting over 16 million men under arms so as to have an enormous military,and indoctrinating one's children into believing racist and murderous ideology and indoctrinating girls into being sex slaves to German boys so as to procreate for 'fascists.'

    In regard to Eastern Europe and Russians, the German nation did not even attempt to be seen as remotely abiding by the Geneva Convention. It had apolicy of treating 'Slavs' and 'Russians' as a subhuman group of people. In fact, Hitler himself referred to Marxian beliefs as a 'Jewish Philosophy' and a 'sickness to be exterminated'. He hated it to the point of trying to remove the word 'socialist' from the National Socialist German Workers Party' - but the word was so culturally and deeply engrained, this was an impractical idea. The key word however was 'Nationalist'. The Nazis were a Nationalist party based on 'race' and people of various races and democratic socialist parties and communist parties were of course excluded from membership and targeted as enemies of the party. Capitalism? In a sense the common view was that capitalism died in the Great Depression; laizes faire capitalism did in fact die in thr Great Depression. One might say communism was a bottom up reform and Fascism was a top down reform movement. In the case of Mussolini I would let the matter rest somewhat there, but Hitler was a special case - a sociopathic mass murderer.

    When Hitler invaded Russia, he used children to involuntarily give blood trandfusions to German soldiers. He did this often after murdering their parents. He raped and ganged raped many women of evry village the German army entered. The German Army for example mass murdered 1/4 of the nation of Moldova, and the survivors were forced into being prostitutes and otherwise slave laborers

    to the German Occupation. All Synagogues were destroyed. In one case a Romanian fascist priest would break into Eastern Orthodox Churches and sadistically attack parrishners with a hatchet and kill entire congregations. The Pope was corrupted by Hitler into believing the Eastern Orthodox Church would be destroyed and thus end the age old separation of the Catholics/Eastern Orthodox

    and thus convert Eastern Orthodox churches to Catholicism. Basically the German Army was unprovoked, but it nevertheless invaded Eastern Europe and raped and mass murdered and otherwise tortured the people of Russia killing as many as 25 million people.

    Russia was amazingly unconquored, and rose from its sanctuary of the winter months deep in the territories of the East where its factories were out of reach of German bombers. The Russians drove the German invaders out. When Russian soldiers reached German soil, many of them exacted personal revenge. For example, if my baby son had been killed by being used to transfuse blood into German soldiers, and if my wife and sister had been raped by laughing German invaders, and if my home had been burned down by Fritz... well, you would be lucky because I would be a Russian soldier who is quite merciful - but there's quite a few Russian soldiers who aren;t going to hav my patience. They are going to slaughter you and exact revenge. They are going to point out how 70,000 Russian prisoners were left to die of exposure in locked cattle cars bt German soldiers; they are going to liberate your death camps which were built in the East and ask you to sowly and cogently explain Auscwitz and why you did such things to the members of their families.

    Source(s): I had ancestors who served in the Red Army and some relatives in Moldova who were terrorized by Romanian and German fascist. As far as the bogus question about the hammer and sickle, I've never seen it worn as some frivilous object, just as I've never seen the seal of the USA worn as such - but even where they are, it is quite odd/rare. Many atrocities happened in WW2. The USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but <imho> I'll not condemn the USA or Russia for winning WW2. I deplore the abuse or horror suffered by any German in WW2, but not so as to justify the fascist forces that put them in harm's way.
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  • Mickey
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    Russian rapes aren't a secret. They were covered in the BBC documentaries, Nazis: A Warning from History, War of the Century and I recently watched The Victors (1963) which briefly mentions them.

    In fact the Hammer and Sickle symbol are not socially acceptable in some parts of the world, especially in eastern Europe. You might have noticed the riots in Poland when the Russians visited for Euro 2012.

    Also, whatever tolerance Stalin might have had for them, they were not state policy, unlike the murders and mass starvation that the Germans caused. And I don't think suicides count as an atrocity. There are many accounts of widespread suicides by the Germans and the Japanese at the end of the war, which are evidence of the fanaticism and hysteria of those people that their own governments encouraged.

    The Russians mainly killed their own people, which is not unusual for Russia in the grand scheme, and the brutality of the Stalin regime is not representative of the whole Communist period in Russia. The United States killed scores of thousands of Native Americans and Britain killed tens of thousands of Zulus, but that hasn't made the Stars and Stripes and Union Jack taboo.

    The Hammer and Sickle represents the high ideals of revolution which overturned the Tsarist tyranny, not the Stalinist purges. As for the rapes, TBH that's the chicken's coming home to roost IMO. They sowed the wind.

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  • Lenny
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    7 years ago

    Socialism is ugly and murderous in all packages.

    If National Socialism, responsible for 60 million deaths is condemned and its symbols (swastika) are considered offensive, International Socialism (Communism) responsible for 100 million deaths should be condemned also and its symbols (hammer and sickle) should be considered offensive as well.

    Both Socialist allies (They had started WW2 together by attacking Poland and Communists made it possible for Nazi to fight England the first 2 years of that war) were marching under red flags and had celebrated May First as second major holiday.

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  • 7 years ago

    The Hammer and Sickle signifies labour , nothing more , nothing less , The Hammer for industry the Sickle for agriculture . The swastika is centuries old and was a symbol of peace , What both regimes perpetrated in the name of their ideologies should not deflect from the original symbolic meaning .

    As for the SS not raping or committing heinous crimes ,may I refer you to the Holocaust , their actions on the Eastern front , their treatment of prisoners of war , both in the East and West

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    You have a good point and I agree with you that communism killed more poeple than Nazism.

    To answer your question, there are two main differences:

    1) in Nazism extermination was planned (in concentration camps) while in communism a lot of people died due to famine (in the USSR and China) but extermination wasn't planned. You had camps but they were not extermination camps with gas chambers.

    2) in Nazism you have the element of racism which you don't have in communism. Actually communism is supposed to be non racist (well in theory).

    These I think are the two main differences. But you are right to point out that Red Army soldiers committed lots of atrocities which were sometimes encouraged by Stalin.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The swastika still represents anti-semitism, it is used by neo-nazis, or "skinheads".

    You forget that the nazis kidnaped, tortured, murdered, and experimented with Jewish people.

    The hammer and sickle is not offensive because it hasn't been associated with mass murder, genocide, or infanticide, which the swastika was.

    Hitler's supremacist and racially motivated policies lead to the systematic murder of 11 million people, and a estimated 6 million of those were Jewish.

    Also, communism is not as frowned upon as facism.

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  • 7 years ago

    Well.... Consider that only in italy 60.000 woman were raped by the allied soldiers during the italian invasion... (60.000 were the denounced rapes) But we are only talking about women... Many man and children were also raped...

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  • Canute
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    7 years ago

    Murder, etc., was an integral part of Nazism.

    It was only a side-product of communism.

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