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羽翹 asked in 科學及數學數學 · 8 years ago

2Q of mathsF.2 ,thankyou(20點)

Solve problemson scale drawings.

1.the figure shows a scale drawing of the 'Two fic''building with a scale of 1mm:12m.If the height of the building in the drawing is 3.5 cm,find its actual height in m.

Solve problems on maps and plans.

2.the scale of the plan of a flat is 1:200.If the dimensions of this flat are 4.5cm X 3.3 cm on the plan, find its actual area in m^2.

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  • freda
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    8 years ago

    1) 3.5cm =35mm

    the actual height =35 x 12m =420m //

    2) the actual area =4.5cm x 200 x 3.3cm x 200=594000cm ^2

    the actual area in m^2 =594000/(100 x100) =59.4 m^2 //

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    1 )




    MM to M=42000÷10÷100

    SO the answer = 42M

    The building's actual height is 42M.


    because of the plan 1cm=actual 200cm



    Its actual area is 54m^2

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    because of the plan 1cm=actual 200cm

    4.5x200x3.3x200=900x660=594000cm ^2


    Its actual area is 5.94m^2


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