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are you that bothered.中文

請問以下截取於BBC的對話中,are you that bothered是什麼意思?

Alison: I just think it’s a disgrace because my children were extremely tired and nobody offered a bottle of water or a sandwich or something. I mean…

Angela: …OK….

Alison: ..are you…are you that bothered. You clearly don’t have children if you think

it’s something acceptable to sit on a coach for two hours at 11 o’clock at night

with extremely tired children.

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    are you that bothered



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    "Are you ... are you bothered?" could easily just mean "do you care at all?" - angry shorthand for "Are you the slightest bit bothered? I doesn't sound like it! 出處:" 第三個回答,我認為蠻恰當的.

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    Panda thinks 介意 is better

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    1.請比較are you that bothered(你就是那個為事所困擾的人) 與are you bothered(你為何事所困擾?)差異

    2.are you that bothered還原:are you the man who is bothered by something?

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    Are you that bothered?


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