Did you know that Jerusalem belongs to Israel?

If you examine history you will find that in the first millennium AD ruled in Israel kingdom of Judah with its capital Jerusalem.

Israel has the right to build its capital city and all who opposes this is a liar and an anti-Semite!

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  • John
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, Jerusalem does belong to Israel. Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, and has an ancient history as the center of judaism.

    The only reason Jewish people have not continuously occupied their capitol is that foreign armies forcibly removed them after Israelites refused to abandon their religion and basic human rights.

    Any notion of dividing Jerusalem is not based on a realistic expectation of that remaining a long-term solution, but is rather a "first step" in once again dispossessing Israelites of their capitol city. No nation in history has been expected to give half of their capitol to an enemy - the very notion is ludicrous.

  • LeKat!
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    5 years ago

    Jerusalem is the Israel's capital city were the government resides. On 5 December 1949, Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, proclaimed Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and since then all branches of the Israeli government—legislative, judicial, and executive—have resided there, except for the Ministry of Defense, which is located at HaKirya in Tel Aviv. At the time of the proclamation, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan and thus only West Jerusalem was proclaimed Israel's capital. In July 1980, Israel passed the Jerusalem Law as Basic Law. The law declared Jerusalem the "complete and united" capital of Israel.

    Israel won't give it for the same reason why England won't give London, or why France won't give Paris. The capital is what defines the country, and the country is what defines the nation. All of those elements are important.

    Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people of today, and it was the capital of their ancestors 2000 years ago. Giving Jerusalem means throwing out Jews' identity. What clearly the Jewish people can't allow.

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