What Russia before the Mongolian invasion?

What was Russia called before the Mongolian Empire took over and how and when did they become independent?

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    Russia as a country did not exist before the Mongolian invasion.

    In IX-XIII centuries there existed Kievan Rus - a large medieval empire with core in the lands of modern Ukraine and Belarus, also one of the notable provinces of Rus was Novgorod, which is now in Russia. There were eastern provinces, which later became Muscovy then Russia. First they were considered poor and undeveloped, they did not even constitute a province on their own, but were a sub-province of Chernigiv principality. Later they became more developed and grew into autonomous political entities, ruled by local princes, but nominally remained under rule of the Grand Prince of Kyiv.

    During the invasion of Mongols, some local feudals tried to resist and their forces were crushed or dispersed, while others joined invaders and provided them with military support.

    After many years, when the Mongolian empire began to fell in parts, one of the local principalities, Moscow, which was the most loyal to Mongols before and thus often received preferences from Mongols, managed to capture the nearby lands and eventually grew into a country on its own. Centuries later they renamed the country into Russia - after the Greek translation of the name Rus. Even later, in the end of XVIII century, when Russia managed to capture the lands which used to be the core lands of Rus in the past, they proclaimed that Russia is the official successor of Rus, which is their official belief even nowadays.

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    By the time of Mongolian Invasion there were tens of little feudal states (knyazdom, principality, whatever), which were pretty much independent. The main political centers were Vladimir (the knyaz of Vladimir had the title of the great knyaz although it didn't give him the real political power over other rulers), Novgorod and Kiev (Those were the main trade centers. Kiev was a sit of the great knyaz before, but Anrey Bogolyubsky took the city and the title and moved his capital to Vladimir about 100 years before the Mongolian invasion. Kiev also was a city of residence for the metropolitan bishop of Rus).

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    Kievan Rus (also Kyivan Rus) was a medieval polity in Europe, from the late 9th to the mid 13th century, when it disintegrated under the pressure of the Mongol invasion of 1237–1240.


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    Rus' (this word is of Norse origin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roslagen ).

    "Mongolian invasion" is a fairy-tale made up by khazarian invaders, who couldn't conquer Rus' by war, that's why they send their khazarian sluts such as Malusha (no, she wasn't Varangian, neither was she a sister of Dobrynya, as many pseudo-historians lie) to our princes (Svyanoslav), who born such bastards as Vladimir the so-called "Great", who enslaved Rus' people with freaking middle eastern christianity.

    Since Rus' were smart and wise people, many of them refused to be slaves, that's why rivers were full of blood of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Losses were so huge, that those freaks couldn't leave it like that. They needed a "story", which would cover up their ugly genocide. It has always been pretty typical of khazars.

    As for Mongols - they couldn't physically get so far. They were nomads (who btw considered Rus'/Europeans ugly), but not warriors, neither were they BLACKSMITHS:

    1) 1 iron horseshoe = 0,3 - 0.4 kg of iron

    one horse = 4 horseshoes = 1,2 - 1,16 kg or iron

    those russophobic pseudo historians claim that there were 100 000 - 500 000 of mongols (they change numbers every year/decade - don't know why, but it's funny), so let's count:

    100 000 horses = 1,2 kg of iron X 100 000 = 120 000 kg of iron = 120 tons or iron

    Iron doesn't fall out of the sky. It's made of iron ore (raw material).

    Do you realize how many iron ore is needed to get iron? - MILLIONS of tons.

    Where the hell could mongols get millions of tons of iron ore? + they didn't know how to process this row material.

    2) In Mongolia itself there is no evidence, except some legends, that they were in Rus. Russophobic pseudo-historians are lying, that mongols stole a lot of gold from us - but they don't have it! They never did.

    3) Mongoloid haplotype is C3. Rus' people: ethnic Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians have R1a or I1 (- the minority, but still. My father, who was born in Ukraine has I1 haplotype).

    etc etc etc

    The list could continue forever.

    But smart people don't need those explanations, because it's obvious.

    Those khazars ruined our state, not mongols. And their descendants, who pretend to be Ukrainians [such as the user "wschmerz"] still try to incite our people against each other, incl via trolling in this very sub-category.

    Мы, русские, беларусы и украинцы, - один народ. А вот "они" - совсем другой.

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    wshmertz wrote :" they proclaimed that Russia is the official successor of Rus, which is their official belief even nowadays


    and your ukrainka then is a remnant of Polish-Lithuanian state that proclaimed itself a successor of Rus, which is your official belief even today?...Yawn...

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    Can you give more details?

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