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How to clean clear retainers with clear hand soap?

I just got back from the orthodontist and they told me to use clear hand soap on my Essix retainers. How exactly do I clean it? And do I clean it each time after I eat like at school?


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    Have a second soft toothbrush at home just for the retainer and clean them with the soap. Maybe you could keep one in your purse or backpack at school too because you need to brush your teeth after you eat before putting your retainer back in. I don't think you need to brush the retainer at school but you don't want to put it back in on teeth that aren't clean. It will hold in food particles and encourage decay.

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  • lakey
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    3 years ago

    Clean Clear Retainer

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  • 7 years ago

    I agree with Alice.

    Clear liquid soaps are generally glycerin based.

    You may find the liquid soap in a purse size or you can get the larger size and get an empty purse size and fill/refill it from the larger one.

    Don't confuse it with hand sanitizer.

    Shop wherever you buy your hand soaps.

    By the way, some clear soaps are safe for brushing teeth with too.

    Amway LOC is such one but there are others too.

    Don't forget, a little goes a long way.

    Thumbs up to Alice.

    PS: I forgot what I have been using and is setting on my kitchen sink.

    It is clear as clear can get.

    I got mine at the Kroger Store.

    Here are other places.

    Use the 'Contact us' page and you can call an 800 number to ask where you can buy locally. This stuff is great and I recommend it.

    Good Luck.

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