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Why is my new Capital One credit card "currently restricted" before I even activate it?

I recently applied for a capital one credit card (november 1st 2012) and was instantly approved. I was able to create a username and password for online banking features, which I did. I then installed their mobile app on my iPhone.

On Monday the 3rd I received an email stating my card has been shipped and I should receive it in 7-10 days.

Since the card was on its way I figured I'll go take a look at my account... I first logged on via a desktop computer and I was prompted to activate my card (which I haven't received yet obviously.) So I couldn't view my account.

Then I decided to log in via the mobile app and I was able to see my crappy limit of $2,000, recent transaction and able to set up online bill pay.

However, there was a message saying "this account is currently restricted. Please call (800)955-7070 for further assistance." In bold, red letters. It didn't seem too "restricted" considering I can make payments and I had available credit and a $0 balance.

I cannot contact capital one without my card #, so this morning I went to a local capital one and the teller stated this alert may just be there until I activate the card and online banking services can't be used before activation. He seemed quite unsure about his answer...

I'm looking all over the Internet about this alert and a majority of the resons behind this alert is due to fraudulent transactions. Never made a transaction and never received/activated the card. ( there was no reference # with my alert like everyone else.) Never got any phone calls, emails or letters about any suspicious activity.

So my question is... Why is this alert here? Was the capital one teller correct? Should I activate the card when I get it in the mail?

I've had accounts with capital one before, but I never used the online banking service. Hope they don't screw me here... This extra line of credit will help with the holidays this year. They approved me, I still have the credit available and I can make payments... WHY?!

And my credit report shows that the card is open and in good standing.

Any one ever have this situation escalte into a problem or am i just making a big deal for no reason? Any help is appreciated! Happy holidays!


Response to 1st answer: Yes, I know how to activate a card lol... I'm just curious as to why this alert may be coming up. I have no problem identifying myself, but I would have a problem if they keep the restriction on my account and start charging me for payment protection and whatever else, even though I can't use the card.

I did some more research and it does seem as if this alert comes up with new accounts. Some people stated that they were able to use the account and the card without any problems. Hope this is my case!

Update 2:

Response to second answer: Well you seem more confident with your answer than the capital one teller. I have a question for you... You said you don't know why I was able set up anything. As I stated in my original question, I'm not a new capital one customer/credit card holder... I've applied online before and instantly approved. After being approved you are asked if you want to enroll in online banking, which I have never done until this this time. So I know it's not odd or a mistake for an approved applicant to set up and view their new account.

What I'm concerned about is the fact that this alert is even there. If I'm able to view my account, see my CL, balance, recent transactions and the option to set up online bill pay, what are my "restrictions" other than not being able to use my card for purchases until I've activated it? And that's pretty obvious... If you don't have the card or haven't activated it yet you can't use it.

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    Don't know why you were able to set up anything.

    The account is restricted until you receive the card and activate it.

    So to answer your question about "should I activate the card ". Yes, you have to. It's not usable until it's activated. That's why you have to activate it. By calling the number on the sticker to affirm you got the card in the first place.

    Likely your account information is already online. Just because you set up to make payments doesn't mean you can - yet. You just put in information. Not such a much.

    Once activated - then the restriction will go away. So the bank teller is right - whether you think he seemed unsure of his answer or not.

    The account is not activated.

    Just wait til you get the card, activate it and move on from there.

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    Interesting you should ask..

    I just activated my card yesterday. I applied in store,not online. It was mailed to me.

    It has a sticker on the front with a toll free number which you must call from your HOME phone.(or

    the phone you gave the number of). They will instruct you when to enter the account number from

    the front of the card.

    They ask you numerous questions for safety reasons.

    The PIN had to be 4 numbers, no letters. They tell you when to enter these numbers.

    When they OK everything, then sign the card on the back.It is no good without a signature.

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