Canadian senior citizens: do you pay a monthly bill for your health care?

Is your health care 'free' or do you pay each month like for a policy?


Flower: yes , you are correct. When a country says they have national health care for all people I never know what that is all about. This past year I paid 50.00 month and had a $15.00 co- pay for my doctor and all my meds are free. I had 35 thousand dollar out of state specialist doctor operation and paid a $50.00 co pay to the hospital and 35.00 co pay ( one time) to the surgeon . And I had ambulance too and Sliver Sneakers gym free and I was sent 10 wonderful dinners to my home for free after I returned home. A nurse was available but I had my girlfriend here so didn't need the nurse visits. More things I won't go into is in the program. This year I have signed up with the same company. It is a PPO so I have my choice of doctors and I,m not restricted in services that my doctor wants for me. For a senior I do like what I have.

I'm just trying to compare countries in order to understand what we offer here and what is coming to us down the pike.

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  • Pat
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    8 years ago
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    No, there is no monthly bill for anything but we must pay for drugs and ambulances.

    I pay $665.00 a year for insurance that covers drugs, ambulances, home care nursing, and any out of province health care that's needed.

    So far, I have not had a claim.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    The difference seems to be from your answers is the Canadian health care cost covers them 100%. No annual deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance. They dont know that American Medicare covers only 65-80 percent of the cost plus the Medigap which can be $50-150 a month more plus what I mentioned. Dental insurance as an individual plan is not even accepted by many dentists, only those who are not the best and there is a waiting period for serious work and then it covers only up to 50%. So individual dental ins. is no good.

    What happens in Canada if someone is low income and cannot pay $118 a month?

  • 8 years ago

    I sure as hell do and I live in Canada. I pay $118 a month to the Government of British Columbia for

    a health premium that covers my wife and me. We are senior citizens.

    This premium covers a lot of health territory, such as visits to Doctors and hospital care including

    emergency. As previously stated, dental and prescriptions are not covered unless you are below a

    certain income level. Then, some prescriptions are covered.

    An ambulance ride costs me $80. Out of province people pay considerably more

    When I hear what my American neighbours pay, I'm getting a bargain.

  • Mike K
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    8 years ago


    No we do not. However our tax rates are higher here to cover medicare.

    However if we want extra coverage from dental work (not covered) to an ambulance ride (not covered) we need to by private supplemental insurance like Blue Cross. They also have to pay for drugs and medicine though you do get a 50% discount as a senior.

    The big advantage of our system is that you are not condemned to a life of misery and poverty if you have long term chronic medical conditions. They cannot pull the plug on your policy once the coverage is eaten up as happens with private insurance. Also being laid off or unemployed is of no consequence here as you lose no coverage.


    Michael Kelly

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