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What are the chances of getting the MOS you want after Army ROTC?

Hello, I'm an environmental engineering student at a community college hoping with two more years to transfer. I was wondering, can I get the MOS I want if I try to go for a 2 year transfer scholarship for ROTC. I know I could try out for air force, but I wear glasses, which means that I can't fly a plane.

I really want to be a part of the Army Corps of Engineers, but according to a few forums, officers usually don't get their choice of jobs in the army unless they are doctors.

Also, would the army be willing to pay for a masters degree?

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  • AJ
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    You do realize the Army Corps of Engineers is made up of over 99% civilian employees? There is only 1 small Army unit and that's it. The rest is all civilian government employees except for a few senior management positions.

    If you are doing ROTC, then you should know, that what your degree is in has no bearing on what army branch you will be commissioned into. There no guarantee you would even be in the engineers corps. You could be branched in anything from Adjuntant General to transportation to quartermaster or ordnance. The only exception are what are considered specialty branches, those are nursing, medical, dental and JAG (Legal), which means if you aren't a nurse, doctor or a lawyer, you don't have a say in what branch you are assigned.

    And officers do not technically have MOS. That is strictly enlisted.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Actually AJ...all Army Engineer units are a part of the USACE...USACE has the civilian side and the military side

    What AOC aka branch (Officers do not have MOS they have AOCs) you get our of Army ROTC depends on where you sit on the OML (Order of Merit List)

    The higher you are on the OML the better chance you have of getting what you want.

    The OML is based on 3000 points:

    1000 = your GPA (a 4.0 = 1000 points)

    1000 = your score at Advanced Camp (which you will attend between your junior and senior year)

    1000 = your on campus leadership evaluations

    So the closer you are to 3000 the better chance you have at getting what you want

    I also earned my BS in Enviro Engineering, was at the top of the OML at my school, and was placed in Field Artillery

    Source(s): Me, a US Army Officer, 23 years in the US Army so far
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