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How to say a short passage in French?

Hi I have met a pen pal in France and I was just wondering if you can translate this for me.

My flat is 5 floors high. In my flat i have 3 bedrooms and two floors. My favorite room is my living room this is because me games console is there.All of the walls are painted magnolia this is because its my dads favourite colour.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Mon appartement a cinq étages . Dans mon appartement il y a 3 chambres à coucher et 2 étages. (Didnt u just say there were 5?) ma pièce préférée est mon salon car il y a ma console de jeux. Tous les murs sont peints en magnolia parce que c'est la couleur préférée de mon père.

    Source(s): French native
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