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What Version Of A Christmas Carol Featured This Song?

A song called “Christmas Spirit.”

I remember the song went something like this but I can’t place the rendition due to there being so many of them.

“Listen to the sound of the Christmas Spirit… can’t you hear it can’t you hear it…. listen to the sound of the Christmas Spirit ringing in your ear.”

That’s all I remember but I’m sure there were more lyrics.

The song was performed at least twice once presumably during Scrooge’s interaction with the ghost of Christmas present and once at the end of the movie after Scrooge’s transformation.


I vaguely remember the film being animated but don’t quote me on that. If it was animated it involved actual animated people as opposed to puppets or animals.

Update 2:

It’s definitely not A Muppet Christmas Carol. I’m more than familiar with that version as I own a copy of it and watch it several times each Christmas. The version I’m thinking of is a lot more obscure and is likely one I have only seen once or twice long ago.

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