Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Free?

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How much will cost this Skyrim Dragonborn DLC on Xbox 360. Today I'm planing to use my MS points on this Skyrim Dragonborn DLC, so is this worth to buy? Any one already playing more
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  • ? answered 1 year ago
If you looking to download Skyrim Dragonborn DLC free, you many try this following web site link. I saw that site free giveaway Skyrim Dragonborn redeem codes for limited time.


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you are great my friend. I'm downloading the Skyrim Dragonborn now. Thanks
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  • Matthew answered 7 months ago
    Well (just so you know) if you want to get something for free you can just download someones profile who has already gotten the dlc.
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  • Erick C. answered 1 year ago
    it 1200 msp its last big dlc to the game so y not, it compelling that they have said u can mount dragon and that theres another dragon born that is coming back to life, that and being able to travel to a morrowind or dont know which they said still compelling though
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  • Daniel answered 1 year ago
    The DLC will no be free. It will be a solid $20. I am looking to buy Dragonborn, as you can ride frickin dragons!
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  • Kintashi answered 1 year ago
    it doesn't release until tomorrow/later today (depending on where you're living), so no one is playing it yet. The DLC is NOT free and will most likely cost 1200 points. It is supposed to be really good.
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  • Ryan answered 1 year ago
    nothing is free
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  • Pawlie answered 1 year ago
    I remember when i left 7/11 and i saw a dragon i almost passed out but i tried my hardest to not


    I almost died
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