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Birthday party ideas?

So, on my birthday I have nothing to do. Usually my grandparents come over at 6, and I open presents and eat cake. This year, my friend is coming over.(maybe one or two more, but I haven't asked my mom yet) I can't go anywhere or outside. We don't want to watch movies either.(we don't agree on which ones!!) I can't get anything that costs money either. So, any ideas??


It's not a big birthday, I'm only turning 15.

It's on 12/12/12 lol

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    Happy almost birthday :) I hope you have a fun one :)

    Anyways, here are some ideas:

    Play sharades, blind makeovers, silly string wars, board games, keep the balloon off the floor ;), bake something (cookies, help with cake/dinner, etc). If they're your friends, and it's your birthday, it shouldn't matter, just have a good time!

    I hope I helped a little!! Happy birthday!

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    Oh, you guys can play a mystery game

    You know, you plant clues all over the house for who the murderer was and all and they have to play these games to find the answer. It takes a little work though, cause you have to plan everything before hand.

    Um, the only other idea is the usual- playing games, dressing up, that make the fastest dress game and so on

    Have fun and happy birthday

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    Enjoy your birthday as your birthday is coming on 12/12/12. Have a fun and warm wishes.

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