Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter - Are my Mathematics correct?

I have hooked my Xbox 360 & Projector up to a Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter and got a reading for both of the previous.

have called my Electricity provider (Energy Australia) and obtained my Electricity rates per KWH, which is:

Peak 24/7 = .2544 Per KWH (or 25.44c per hour)

Would I be correct in assuming that I could run my Xbox 360 and Projector for approx 3.5 hours, before I get charged the 25.44c for these devices?


Thanks for that! - Together they are using 270 Watts

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  • 7 years ago
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    well that depends on how how power the xbox and projector are using, which you didnt state. if they were using around 1/3 kW (or 0.33kW) per hour then yes you could assume that after 3hrs youd be charged 25.44c.

    in that case you simply multiply 0.27kW x $0.2544/kWh = $0.068688 per hour

    so yes in 3.5 hrs it'll cost you about 24c

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