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rate my pokemon team?

im on pokemon showdown playing [OU] and im using







im gettn crushed in this game.. help me wit moves/stats?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    alright bud I kinda need to know your items and or moves but I will just make some up-

    Celebi is going to play tink suport

    Tinkerbell (Support)

    Life Orb


    Thunder Wave

    Leaf Storm

    Hidden Power Fire / Psychic / U-turn

    Recover / Rest


    232 HP / 240 SpA / 36 Spe


    don't expect it to sweep heavy


    252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

    V create (DUH)

    brick break

    U turn

    Bolt strike

    Choice Scarf

    Nice little scout

    Gallade XXXXXX


    Dude this thing will pown...

    Meteor Mash (DUH)

    bullet punch (to finish them of quick)

    Hammer Arm

    Zen Headbutt (STAB)

    Choice Band

    Evs:164 HP / 252 Atk / 92 Spe

    Great attack Deffence


    Life Orb

    Draco Meteor

    Calm Mind



    Kyurem Black

    Just unfair

    Choice Specs

    Choice Specs


    Modest / Timid



    ~ Draco Meteor

    ~ Ice Beam

    ~ Focus Blast

    ~ Fusion Flare / Earth Power

    Starmie does not work with this team XXXXXXX



    Calm Mind

    Hydro pump

    Secret sword

    Hidden power ice

    evs:252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

    Claydol XXXXXX


    Toxic Orb

    Arial Ace


    Ice Fang


    Make up some evs

    Your team was kinda all over the place.... now you have some general line ups here Victini scouts it out maybe Mess with a couple guys

    Celebi is your suport... once you hit trouble need to have faith

    then Keldeo is speed attacker.... Stalk up stats then sweep quickly... avoid taking to much damage

    Gliscor takes down a large variety of pokemon Ice fang Messes up Dragons Toxic orb keeps him healthy Earthquake almost KO's every single fire and electric type

    Metagross sweeps easy and hard to leave a dent in

    Latios goes in quick hits hard then play from there

    Kyurem Black....not much he can't kill ... Dragons fear him and Electric water and grass cant make a dent... And he can sweep a brick wall....

    Your team will be highly offensive ... AKA hit hard and try and end the game quick because your oponent might be able to out last you.... you will not win every battle... hopefully most but not every one.... if you are still losing it is just in experience so just keep trying and eventually you might make soe changes that suit you and you will be good to go. the reason I make this team is because it will finish quick and easy to finish... asumming you are inxpeirnced this will be valuable so you wont screw up a game you should have in the bag...

    Source(s): use the site... competitive exp
  • 5 years ago

    Suggestions to your group.. Bronzong: all strikes are just right besides for extrasensory..Bronzong is psychic/metal style and probably U wanna put some psychic strikes there..But I feel earthquake is best than extrasensory coz earthquake may additionally counter fireplace which is Bronzong simplest weak point (in case your Bronzong has levitate capability)..And in case your Bronzong has IV velocity of 0 and relaxed nature, that will be just right coz gyro ball will participate in its first-class.. Coach EV for safety..For spDef, U already bought calm mind..In no way instruct its velocity to maximize gyro ball vigor.. Slaking: just right moves..Juz Slaking's distinct capacity that make it worse.. Milotic: additionally has good strikes..Get reflect coat if U wanna make it extra unbeatable but the moves that it has now will have to be great.. Dragonite: thunder wave is an efficient transfer to be paired wit Dragonite..I do not think ice beam crucial although coz Dragonite weak spot is rock, dragon, ice..Additionally Milotic already has ice beam..And why it does now not have dragon strikes? Dragonite first type is dragon and get outrage for its dragon transfer..If U wanna put flying move, get aerial ace as a substitute of fly coz fly needs 2 turns and your foe juz change to rock/electrical poke when U use fly..Aerial ace can't pass over additionally..Get the transfer: dragon dance for extra assault and velocity (mainly pace).. Torterra: Torterra excellent at attack so U might want to use wooden hammer instead of giga drain..Wooden hammer has extra power also and it's usin' assault stat while giga drain usin' spA..Different strikes are fine.. Snorlax: good strikes additionally..I also think that it is practically unbeatable wit those movesets.. Hope this support n just right good fortune at your combat.. Price: 9/10..Excellent strikes, juz need for some transfer development chiefly for Dragonite..

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    celebi i think i like. but really depends on wut ur going against (Pokemon Type and levl)

    i dont like ur claydoll or starmie. Why dont u try a blastoise or crocdile??? The rest i think is fine. the reason why ur being crushed is probs cuz ur opponents types are stronger agaisnt urs and maybe of ur level diff?

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