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What type of heat light should I buy for western painted turtle? type/brand please!?

I'm pretty sure what my daughter brought home is a WPT. Male, abt 6inches - given to her by someone because he "kept humping".

now he's in a 20 gallon long tank with just enough water to swim around & a basking spot. I need to get heater & light before he goes in his 30gal.

All the opinions online are too much! I just want a straight answer. What kind of heat lamp/heater/thermometer?

Someone gave me tank& filter. I bought a medzoo dock & water conditioner.

He likes crickets & lettuce

What else does he need?!

Will he b sexually frustrated for the rest of his life?! Seriously tho-will he be sad being away from his mate?

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    You need to use a 100 watt or 160 watt mercury vapour UV & Heat basking lamp such as a Zoo Med PowerSun bulb.

    It should hang straight-down over the dry basking area.

    Adjust the height so that the ground temperature directly under the lamp is 95ºF.

    Feed any cooked fish, shrimps & shell fish + earthworms [night crawlers].

    Download and save this book for future reference:


    Place a cuttlefish bone in the water for calcium supplementation and to trim the beak.


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    Turtles don't care for a tank mate, they are natural loners. A incandescent light is enough to provide heat, you'll also need to provide UVB lighting ZooMed - ReptiSun 5.0 tube or PowerSun MVB is what I use for my turtles. UVB lights need to be changed every 6 months regardless if they still produce light or not. Don't feed iceberg lettuce.

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    get him a zoo med turtle tuff halogen lamp because they need the uvb light so they don't get soft shell and they can eat small rosie fish. they eat them dead or alive also get some reptisticks.

    (sorry computer wont get the link so just had to copy it)

    its a care sheet and need to know on paint turtles.

    Source(s): i have a eastern paint turlte:)
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