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What are the laws in new york state about principles putting their hands on their students?

I believed that they were only allowed to place their hands on the students if they were apposing a threat or harming the other students anyone know?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Corporal punishment is forbidden in public schools in New York. The law states that a teacher or principal may use force only under the following four circumstances: (1) to protect oneself from physical injury; (2) to protect another pupil or teacher or any other person from physical injury; (3) to protect the property of the school or of others; or (4) to restrain or remove a pupil whose behavior is interfering with the orderly exercise and performance of school district functions, powers or duties, if that pupil has refused to comply with a request to refrain from further disruptive acts.

    The use of force by a principal against a student is a very serious offense that if reported will likely result in the principal being arrested and fired. Even if one of the four conditions listed above is true, the principal may be in deep trouble if he used excessive force or used force after the incident had ended. For example, if two students are fighting, a teacher or principal legally can pull them apart. However, he cannot punch them once the two students are pulled apart.

    We had a case in New Jersey (corporal punishment law is similiar to NY) where a teacher pushed a student out of a classroom. The student wasn't supposed to be in that class, was disrupting class, and defiantly refused to leave. That teacher was fired and sent to jail for 90 days because the court felt that he could have used other methods. The moral of the story is that the law rarely approves of violence, and physical force should be a last resort.

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