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American history help for my study guide!!10 points?


1.Substance banned in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe but legal in the U.S.

a P.C.B.s

b GMOs

c B.G.H

d D.D.T

2 In 1869, the __________ was the first to give women the vote.

a Utah Territory

b state of Washington

c Wyoming Territory

d state of Alaska

3 Deforestation is a problem because

a it creates a protected area for threatened species.

b plants and animals may become extinct.

c it can lead to millions of illnesses and deaths each year.

d it causes the land to become useless.

4 What legislation struck down laws that banned abortion?

a Plessy v. Ferguson

b Brown v. Board of Education

c Roe v. Wade

d the Equal Rights Amendment

5Phyllis Schlafly published a book concluding that many women felt trapped as full-time homemakers.

a true

b false

6What tactics did the National Organization for Women use to obtain its goals?

a establishment of institutions for women only

b lobbying politicians for changes in laws

c violent protests

d strikes against major employers

7 The largest antiwar demonstration in U.S. history took place in

a Washington, DC

b Atlanta, GA

c Los Angeles, CA

8 The ______ is made up of the southern and western parts of the United States.

a Sunnyside

b Sunbelt

c Frostbelt

d Sunshine State

9The West Region has seen conflicts over timber resources and the protection of old


b forests

c people

d animals

10 Which were part of the Beat generation? (Choose all who apply.)

a william S, Burroughs

b Allen Ginsberg

c Jack kerouac

d Lucille Ball

e Elvis Presley

11 Another name for the air pollution caused by a heavy concentration of autos is

a smog

b soot

c nuclear fallout

d acid rain

11 In 1964, most people in the United States supported the Vietnam War but by 1967, many felt that the war was no longer worth winning.

a true

b false

12 Making a genetically identical copy of an animal’s cell is called _________.

a genetic engineering

b cloning

c gene mapping

d carbon copying

13 The women’s movement reemerged in the 1960s because

a women wanted to remain full-time homemakers.

b the Equal Rights Amendment had failed to be ratified.

c women began to question why they were still considered unequal to men.

d the civil rights movement was over

14 Urban sprawl occurs on undeveloped land near a city.

a true

b false

15 American feminist and writer who wrote the book, The Feminine Mystique.

a Gloria Steinem

b Phyllis Schlafly

c Betty Friedan

d Susan B Anthony

16 Maine is a state in the

a North Central Region

b West Region

c South Region

dvNortheast Region

17 What was a major criticism of the Equal Rights Amendment?

a The ERA would not allow women to be drafted

b The ERA would give women too much legal protection.

c The ERA would harm men’s rights.

d The ERA was a threat to traditional family life.

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    7 years ago
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    1. PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl, not printed circuit boards

    2. Washington State

    3. b

    4. Roe v Wade struck down abortion laws, making abortion legal.

    5. True

    6. b.

    7. A

    8. Sunbelt.

    9. b

    10. I know for a fact Elvis

    11. smog

    12. cloning

    13. c

    14 true

    15. I have no idea.

    16. Northeast (new england)

    17 I have no idea.

    Google is the place to go if you have questions

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  • mohn
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    4 years ago

    The traditional system is to begin with the commencing of European exploration and agreement. I believe this is a misguided procedure for the reason that it implies that america began when the first white man came; this isn't genuine. Native american citizens had been a bright and somewhat advanced civilization with cultural complexities of their own and must be studied in American history. I would by way of studying native American tribes: their customs, history, and religion after which make my approach into the way in which European advancement shaped the nation.

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