How do I deal with my raging teenage hormones?

Hi, so I met this girl and she's awesome and I've talked to her for a while and then we went out on a date and the same thing that always happens happened. My hormones are getting in the way of everything I do. I've only just met this girl so I know it's nothing like "love" or anything like that. I'm aware that what I'm feeling is a hormonal rush. I do like this girl and want to keep talking to her but I'm unable to do other things such as sleep, study, work etc.

I get this weird feeling when I think of her and I know it's my goddamn hormones because it's happened before. How do I deal/control these damn hormones that are trying to drive me insane?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Easy, you don't. Unfortunately part of growing up is dealing with these things. The only way that we can get by is just to buckle down and trudge through it. If it's meant to be it will be. Don't be afraid to go after her though.

  • 3 years ago

    Congrats to you for finding out to consume in good shape!!!! that's great! a pair of month in the past I did the comparable factor and have been given incredibly some greens and end result. i've got been eating way in good shape and its impressive. Who cares what the doorstep dad thinks? He could have unusual habit, yet that's via the fact he's probable responsible for not eating healthily and being in shape. that's all that meaning, so do not be mad at him. basically think of of this next time he says some thing ridiculous. good success and kudos to you!

  • 7 years ago

    Your hormones instill strong desire in you and push you to satisfy that drive. Redirect the energy from it into something ells, preferably some sort of physical activity. Playing sports, or doing jobs involving manual labor can use that energy that your hormones give you and by redirecting that energy into something ells you can exhaust that added energy that builds up and makes you crazy.

    Source(s): I use this technique all the time
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