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Why are Blue states better.?

The cities are cleaner the people are thinner, they live longer and have higher IQs.


Okay parts of California are bad But that is one state and just LA and the surrounding areas are bad.

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    The red states are typically more closely associated with agricultural production.

    This is a more traditional and conservative type activity which is why they tend to be red. Notably agricultural production requires less density of population which in turn means there is less of a melting pot to challenge pre-existing norms and exhibit the 'progressive' (as in opposite of conservative) social values of the DNC.

    In the higher densities of population you attract people from all regions of the USA and the rest of the world leading to a more hetrogeneous socieity which is inherently more open to progressive ideas thereby increasing the DNC vote.

    As far as IQ and education goes, that is a consequence of the nature of the opportunities in agricultural areas compared to those of larger metropolitan areas.

    This is why you can look at an electoral map of the USA and see by land mass it is mostly red with a bue bits around the edges and see the DNC still win the election.

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    ...and you obviously don't travel much and "IQ" clearly doesn't equate to powers related to thinking or observation...

    ...or are you purposely ignoring Detroit, DC, Baltimore, etc. etc. etc.. and only consider "blue cities" like Boston.... you know, where those pesky blue collar types and minorities stay in line and let the elites make all the decisions for them?

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    ahahaahahah Really??? Come to California

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