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What is Russel Wilsons nickname going to be?

he has earned a nickname by now, just like other QBs (RG3, SWAG NEWTON, Big Ben, elite manning)

How about the name DangeRuss Wilson?


Your right Keith, he is always singing that song.

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    I call him Uncle Wilson. After the singer Charlie Wilson. who's the uncle of Snoop Dogg and made a song about his name. Here this explains what I'm talking about,

    Youtube thumbnail

    Deon Sanders sings the song during every Seahawks highlight.

    Honestly I don't know if he'll ever have a nickname that'll stick.

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    Al Capone sounds bitter that RW lead a 97 yard go-ahead TD drive in the last 4 minutes.

    It seems like people have been betting against Wilson since the day he was drafted, myself included. But if you've watched him over the last month and seen the progress he's made in such a short time it's hard to say anything but good things about him. The way he handles himself, the way he runs an offense, the person he is off the field. "I'll never be as good as RGIII or Cam." Please. Who cares? He's outplayed your franchise quarterback the entire season. On the field and off.

    I don't have a clever nickname, but I'm happy for Russell Wilson.

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    How about Russell" That Al Capone yahoo user is a compete idiot if he thinks that Cam Newton is batter than Russell Wilson" Wilson

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    Russel "wow" Wilson - For his ways to stun defenses in the clutch.

    @Capone - Even Russel "Wax Da Bears" Wilson is a better nickname than that.

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  • 8 years ago

    Russell "You have one crazy wife" Wilson

  • 8 years ago

    He won't have a nick name ever

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