How are signals added or decomposed in an electronic circuit?

I learn about signal processing but couldn't find what hardware or circuit elements actually used to physically add or decompose new forms. For example lest say I want to add a sinusoid signal which is 2 GHz with another sinusoid with 1 GHz. How do they implement this in a circuit? (I also wonder how they decompose signals to their sinusoid components). Could you give me some introductory explanation or keywords.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Combining signals is easy either with a electronic mixer or power combiner if it is RF.

    Separating signals is more difficult. This is usually done with filters, either electronic or digital. The first being LC circuits that accepts some frequencies and rejects others. The digital filter an electronic circuit that samples the signals and determines the different frequencies in the signal using a microprocessor. This is called signal processing. There are many 1 chip signal processors on the market today such as the AD ADSP-2105.

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