Yahoo Ceo and Staff - Please could you be specific in answering some questions. 1) will yahoo members still be?

able to use yahoo messenger for their conacts?? 2) will yahoo messenger still function as to making "voice conferences" among friends yet?? 3) will yahoo consider at some point doing a "pay to chat" in chatrooms, as subscribers??

Many of us older persons have made personal friends over 15 years and enjoy being in a chatroom setting, with voice and music options. We do hope you will consider our needs as well as the younger generations needs.

Thank you


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  • 8 years ago
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    Yahoo CEO and staff don't come on this site and read these questions, sorry. If you have feedback you want to leave for them, scroll to the bottom of the Messenger page and see if there is a feedback link there to use. Or use the one at the bottom of the main Yahoo page.

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