does anyone know how jessie j does this?

i LOVE jessie j and i wish i could sing like her . does anyone know how she does this at 1:13 & at 2:46

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its actually alot harder than you may think

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    Hi! Jessie's BIGGEST Heartbeat here!

    Hmm... I'd say she's pretty much repeating the word really fast and adding vibrato at the end

    If you want to do it i'd say do some lip trills and vocal exercises so your voice feels more agile and versatile and try holding a note.

    I'm pretty sure Jessie gives a quick vocal exercise in this video not sure where but I'm sure it's in this vidoe

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    Anyway Jessie's whole singing technique is based on her runs which she's perfected! Practice scales and then I guarantee you can learn to do runs like her therefor that fast word repeating technique! Hope this helped in some way

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