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How does homeschooling work?

Im in highschool 9th grade Does homeschooling cost money?how

Much if it does Can I homeschool myself or do I need some kind of tutor and how do I find a good curriculum ;do I work all day do I get vacation is there someone will come to my house check my progress ..can I get my highschool diploma faster with there a specific time when I start homeschooling you know like school 8am to 3pm I have to go somewhere every once or twice a week like school does homeschool grading work? Do i get exams?do i get projects? And lastly does homeschool really work?what are the con and the pro of homeschooling?Pls help I'm really considering homeschooling if I know the specifics of This

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    Yes, it costs money. It can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on HOW you decide to do it. Yes, at the high school level you pretty much teach yourself.

    You might decide to use a tutor if you get stuck. Or look it up online or even take a course at a community college to get better at it.

    A "good" curriculum really depends on YOU, your learning style, etc.

    No one comes to your house unless your parents are accused of educational neglect. How many hours you put in is up to your state laws. Some states don't give you an hour goal to reach, others just say "1,000 hours per year," and you have to document your time. You take vacation whenever you want.

    You also don't get a diploma, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. You didn't go through the state education system, they will NOT give you a certificate that says you did. Most homeschoolers simply say, "Yes, I graduated." You don't actually need the diploma. And you can get into colleges--even the ivy-leagues--without one. You simply have to have a careful transcript of your studies and test scores (ACT/SAT) to back up your assertions.

    Time? No, you pick. Homeschool from 6 p.m. to midnight if you want. The police department seriously has better things to do than come banging on your door to make sure you're doing Algebra at 2:05 p.m. You don't go anywhere unless you sign up to go somewhere twice a week. There are actually some schools like attend school two days a week and homeschool the other three. In some states you can attend public school part-time, going to a few classes during the day and coming home for the rest. (Private high schools are particularly open to this, I find.)

    You might keep track of grades for awhile, but those are really just a mechanism to rank students in a class against each other. You'll find that they're pretty pointless after a bit. If you want a way to rank yourself, go ahead and take some standardized tests. We use the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills); you might use the Stanford-10 or another metric. It will rank you NATIONALLY, so if it says you scored in the 65th percentile, it means you scored that compared to all the other students at your grade level across the nation. If you score something horrible, like the 10th percentile, you can see what you failed to cover (look! A curriculum piece for next year!) or what you really didn't understand as well as you thought you did.

    Projects are tricky. If you want to do a project to impress Mrs. Smith in the Bio lab, you're probably out of luck. But if you want an art project, go find some juried art competitions and submit your work. Science? There are homeschooled science fairs if you're into that sort of thing, or maybe you want to actually spearhead an effort to restore a wetlands area near you with the help and guidance of the Department of Conservation or Department of Natural Resources.

    Really work? You get out of it what you put into it. Of the homeschoolers I personally know who are out of high school now, I know one went on to be an actual brain surgeon (a distant cousin of mine), there was one in my college class, I know one who was hired by YouTube at age 17 and he elected to go work for them before college. One just got a perfect SAT score. One decided he wanted to go to a private high school since he'd been homeschooled from K-8. He joined the football team and graduated valedictorian and is studying Biomedical Engineering at a university on the east coast. On the flip side, another one is waiting tables at a pizza place. (And her sister goes to a good university and her mother is very confused as to what happened there, LOL!)

    Homeschooling 101: What is it? How does it work? What about college?

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    Fortunately and relatively, I've certainly obtained quite a lot of optimistic suggestions about homeschooling my kids. You'll be able to be in a position to parent the change between "comments" and "criticisms" and reply for this reason. Many men and women "remark" considering they do not know so much about homeschooling or have a few misapprehensions. That you could decide if you want to use this as an opportunity to educate them. Some persons hand out criticisms starting with "I think..." should you do not think like coming into a debate with them or you understand they won't take heed to whatever you say anyway, you can just reply with "that is what my husband and that i agree is great for our children" and alter the discipline. I'd propose trying to focus on the positives of homeschooling as an alternative than the negatives of institution, despite the fact that they do have an inverse relationship. Some individuals will take your selection to homeschool as an indictment of their own parenting choices. You cannot support that; that you would be able to just try to respectfully stroll away or exchange the area.

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    Hi. Well first off I'm in 9th grade too. I go to an online school. Which is similar to homeschool, however not the same thing. Basically online school Is where you do school on the computer. The school I go to is called Connections Academy. You should go to google and type it in and give them a call and explain you would like to know more about it. Good Luck.

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