what are some community colleges in canada?

i'm a senior in high school and currently living in california and i'm looking for colleges that don't really require much since i didnt do so well in school. i'm planning on moving there also so if anyone has any ideas of prices for apartments that would be great too! thank you

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    Canada is a separate country with its own immigration laws. You can't just move there.

    In order to study in Canada you must apply at a Canadian university, college, or other post secondary institution, be accepted, and then appy for a study permit at the nearest embassy/consulate. Americans may apply at the border. A typical eight months of study will cost around $40,000 (around $25,000 for tuition and $15,000 in books, fees, and living expenses) for most undergraduate degrees. You will need to show bank statements when applying for a study permit. In addition, most Canadian universities only set aside a small number of seats for foreign students and competition may be extreme. Many smaller community colleges do not even accept foreign students. You are effectively competing against hundreds of thousands of the best people from India, China, Europe, the middle-east, Africa, etc.

    Study permits are non-immigration visas. When your program is up, you need to leave Canada.

    Without a valid permit, you may not stay in Canada longer than 180 days, attend school, work, or look for work. You may also not open a bank account, apply for health insurance, get a driver's license, etc. Renting an apartment is thus impossible as you wouldn't have ID or be able to write a Canadian check or pay via direct deposit. You need to solve our immigration issues first.

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