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Is UFC failing because white american people are no longer champs?

previously...bjpenn/mat hughes/franklin/chuck/brock


spot the difference.


ppv is down. guys like liddell and lesnar get more than guys like dos santos and jones.

its funny reading these answers, with people pretending great white hopes dont sell tickets, or that the downturn in ppv, didnt just happen to coincide with the white american champs, randy, liddel, lesnar, etc getting smashed.

you people are ridiculous. i can accept people disagreeing with the extent of the correlation, but its basic basic target demographics and marketing to at least acknowledge it exists.

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    Well, considering that none of those white guys (and Penn is half-white, half-Asian) were champs at the same time...?

    The answer is no. There is a general lack of popular fighters at the top. Lesnar and Liddell had tons of mainstream coverage, with Lesnar having a large fan base BEFORE setting foot in the UFC. And GSP and Silva were more popular than Hughes and Franklin, and the ratings for UFC events went up AFTER they (GSP and Silva) became champs. They've just been champs for years now.

    Oversaturation has hurt the UFC more than anything, although it's hardly "failing". It has a deal with Fox, is on TV more often than ever, and has opened up weight classes that you haven't even acknowledged, and will be including a women's division pretty soon.

    The only area the UFC is having any problems in is its "Ultimate Fighter" reality show, which should have run its course years ago. They'd pretty much sucked all the actual untapped tallent out of the smaller leagues by the fifth season. Exclusing the "comeback" season, the first few seasons gave us contenders and champs like Forrest Griffin, Joe Stevenson, Kenny Florian, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Manvel Gamburyan, Nate Diaz, and more. The only exceptional seasons afterwords was the HW season, which gave us Roy Nelson (who should have been signed without having to do the show as an IFL champ), Brandon Shaub, and Matt Mitrione; and the BW/FW season, giving us guys like John Dodson, TJ Dillashaw, and Dennis Bermudez. So "The Ultimate Fighter" is failing, not the UFC as a whole.

    "Spot the difference"? The difference is now, the UFC is on a bigger network, making more money, has bought out their biggest stateside rival, has a bigger roster than ever, and is endorsed by more mainstream companies than ever. Jones has a Nike deal; GSP is with UnderArmour. You don't get that if you're unpopular.

    Your attempt at making this a race/nation thing has failed.

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    Race or the ethnic background of champions has nothing to do with this. Just look at boxing and it was thought that including and allowing black fighters to fight would be the ruin of it. There was a huge amount of controversy about this very thing when Jack Johnson was fighting and if he should be allowed to fight for the heavy weight championship of the world. Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s there was a separate boxing organization for black fighters just like you had the ***** Leagues in baseball. The eventual inclusion of black athletes in both those sports has hardly seemed to hurt them if you look at both boxing and baseball today.

    The reason why the UFC has lost some of its momentum is because they have not spent their time and money wisely the past several years signing and developing journey-men fighters. Way to many that by chance are lucky enough to get a shot at the UFC and who might even stay in it for a year or two and fight a few times are a joke really. I see pro fighters as good as or better than some of them fighting in lesser organizations who can't get a shot at the UFC. This and the quality of the immature juveniles that they mostly have on their Ultimate Fighter show and rely on for finding and developing a quality fighter are a joke.

    I just watched Belator Friday night and the winner of a fight to decide who got the next title shot was being paid a $100,000. Big money and big know-how in promoting has arrived now with Viacom buying Belator this past year. They are taking a more serious approach to finding, signing, and developing fighters while the UFC for the past ten years has done little or nothing in regards to this. It takes years of training and experience to fight at a high level as well as more than just several pro fights and the UFC is now dominated by that type of fighter instead of fighters with 20 pro fights or more who the fighting public knows and embraces.

    Who wants to pay $45-$65 bucks for a PPV to watch a bunch of fighters fight that nobody knows much about or recognizes in any way fight when they can watch MMA for free on another channel like Belator is offering on MTV and Spike. Also MMA is not "new" anymore nor is the UFC the only game in town so they have also lost whatever momentum and interest that originally generated for them.

    Today they have way to few quality fighters in several divisions, many old retired veterans, and too few coming into the UFC to replace those quality fighters that they had when first starting out.

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    Ethnicity isn't everything to everyone. Most people don't care about that. Of course race is a convenient and easy accusation for someone who disagrees with you not liking a certain fighter, QB, or president.

    UFC has run its course. It used to be interesting to see the different martial arts in the octogon. Now, the MMA has been integrated into its own art.

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    The UFC is more successful than ever. They continue to expand to new markets and continue to increase their profits. Yes, "The Ultimate Fighter" TV show is failing, but that is due to the Friday night timeslot and the fact that they put the seasons too close together. One 13 week season every summer with good talent would be much more profitable than trying to squeeze in 2 mediocre seasons in one year.

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    Yup. Those early UFC champs were all white Americans. Folks like:

    --Royce Gracie

    --Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira

    --Andrei Arlovski

    --Vitor Belfort

    --Rampage Jackson

    --Rashad Evans

    --Murilo Bustamante

    And a few other early names:

    --Kazushi Sakuraba

    --Kenichi Yamamoto

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    ufc is thriving because they swallowed up the

    competition in pride fc strikefors and m1 global

    not to mentien my favorite tko and kothc (watered down)

    shame on them

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