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can I sync music and apps from I iphone to your laptop?

my iphone screen shattered severely, and, with a plan, i can replace the phone itself for a dollar. Heres what i am worried about. I am using my moms itunes account, and have gotten all my apps and music from that account. is it possible for me to install itunes on my laptop, sync all my content over to the laptop from my phone, get a new phone, and sync all the content on to the new phone? if so, how??

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    I went through almost the same exact problem about a year ago. If you install itunes on another computer you will have to authorize your mothers account on that computer first. Then when you connect your iphone to that computer it will ask you to do the same thing for the phone. If you choose 'yes' it will erase all the data you received from the other computer. Don't worry though, all the things you previously downloaded on your moms account will be accessible on your laptop. Including Music, apps, movies, etc. However, if you added files from something other than itunes like from a cd or the internet then they won't show up. If that's the case, i'd say get a flash drive and place all the files you didn't get from itunes onto the flash drive and move them to your laptop.

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    suitable way could be to repeat the records from the previous pc over to the recent pc with a USB cable & as quickly as the two Laptops are on you will could run a duplicate command from the previous one into the recent one you're able to confirm you Sync them into you're new pc so as you additionally can verify the recent pc gets the greater effectual overall performance out of you're new pc or you're able to sluggish the recent pc down you're able to write down here command yet examine it out with Microsoft 1st right that's the command for the previous pc: replica/a /s (this tells the previous pc to repeat all & synchronize into you're new pc please get into Microsoft help internet site earlier to envision i'm maximum appropriate through fact i take advantage of a computer & the Laptops have a cut back down version of the working gadget than laptop desktops that is not a no longer difficulty-free activity & M/comfortable will supply you all the right ideas in maximum appropriate order. Cheers take exhilaration in you're new pc.

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