Does anyone know of any senior citizen programs for Christmas, like if they don't have a family... etc?

Kinda like 'Toys for Tots' the 'Salvation Army Angel trees' where u pick a paper angel of a xmas tree and then buy what the child needs/wants....Im looking for something like that but for senior citizens who maybe don't have anyone to spend xmas with or are away in nursing homes with out anyone/family/friends to take them a xmas gift etc... I always see the children stuff on tv but i have never seen a senior one and wouldn't even know how to go about looking for one. I live in dallas tx. if anyone knows where to go or how to go about it. Thank you in advance and blessings to all from the Sanchez,Ramirez family.

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    I've heard that you can call a nursing home & find out if any residents never have family to come to visit.

    Also, through the Volunteer Center or possibly through a senior agency, there's a program here in which people make a commitment to visiting someone every week & letting the person know if you'll be gone on vacation & won't be coming by, just as you would with family. One of my friends was visiting a man for several years. When the older man died, my friend was almost relieved. He had enjoyed the visits with the older man, but the long-term commitment was difficult, & he did not request another match after that. That's something to consider.

    Also, there are ongoing requests at the senior center for someone to arrange to come in & teach crafts or lead a discussion group. History lectures at a set weekly time were especially popular. Naturally, if you play a musical instrument well enough to entertain, you would also be popular.

    I'm just mentioning these so you can think about the sort of thing you're looking for in your own area or if you want to be prepared to decline, since you really only asked about the holidays.

  • You probably should check around the centers in your area to see if they have one. I remember doing this at work when I was working, we pick out a charity/donations place to send in gifts etc..They do have a Adopt a Grandparent for Christmas program where I live..Maybe even check with the Dept of Aging in your State would help.

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    That is a very sweet thought. I bet if you even called a local senior care center that they could tell you of seniors who have no family to visit them and you could take them a little gift . What a nice gesture.

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