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What are the steps leading to a calcium ion entering a muscle cell?

I have to use the words Action Potential, Acetylcholine, Synapse, Neurotransmitter, sarcolemma, depolarization, SR, vesicle, T-Tubules, and receptors. I have a severe concussion and miss too much school to under stand this and i have a big final coming up tomorrow . Someone please help me !

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    See this image:

    1. A depolarization in the motor neuron starts an action potential which travels along the axon to the pre-synaptic terminal of the neuromuscular synapse.

    2. The action potential causes acetylcholine filled vesicles to bond the membrane and release the Ach into the synaptic cleft.

    3. The Ach diffuse and bind to receptors on the sarcolemma of the muscle cell.

    4. The binding of the Ach to the receptors causes Na+ to enter the muscle cell and starts an action potential within the muscle cell.

    5. The action potential travels to the SR causing it to release Ca++ ions into the cell.

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  • 4 years ago

    in the graceful muscle cellular, the ions bind to calmodulin, activating enzymes that phosphorylate the myosin head. Calcium ions in skeletal muscle fiber facilitates bypass bridges to sort by skill of binding to the troponin complicated (shifting tropomyosin faraway from myosin binding web content on actin).

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  • 8 years ago

    Myosin is involved. Actin might too.

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