I need a science fair project !?

I'm a freshman in highschool, and we have a mandatory scicence fair. We are aloud to have a partners, and was paired with my boyfriend. He want's to do something with Nuclear fusion, fission, or whatever. But I have no idea how to do an experiment on that? So I'm asking anyone who reads this to help me out? Give me a science project with matierials that I can buy from walmart, since I live in a very small town and walmart is the only local store. I want it to be easy to do, but mind blowing. I need a Topic by Friday, Dec. 7th. And a hypothesis. Volcanos and geysers arent aloud.


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    I'm a freshman too! :) Here are three ideas for your 9th Grade Science Fair: (sorry, i only know 3)

    1. Purpose:

    The purpose of this science fair project is to understand the reaction between vinegar (a weak acid) and sodium bicarbonate. Acids have many properties such as a sour taste, they dissolve in water to form solutions that conduct electricity, can release hydrogen when add to certain metals, and can neutralize bases.

    When you combine vinegar with baking soda you will produce carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide gas will cause gas pressure will which inflate items such as a balloon. Baking soda is known in chemistry as Sodium Bicarbonate.


    Mixing vinegar with baking soda will yield carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas will cause the cylinder filled with baking soda to expand. The expanded cylinder will allow more vinegar to enter it which prompts a greater gas pressure. The overall effect of the reaction will enable the balloon to self inflate.


    Amount of Baking Soda

    Amount of Vinegar

    Material that holds the baking soda (waxed paper versus paper towel)

    Temperature of the vinegar

    Materials Needed:

    Large round Balloon

    2-Liter plastic soda bottle



    Waxed Paper


    Baking Soda



    2. Purpose:

    The purpose of this science fair project is to understand how capillaries work in foods such as celery. The stem of a stalk of celery contains tiny tubes called the capillaries. There is a scientific principle called "Capillary Action". Capillary Action is the tendency of liquids in tiny tubes to rise in the tubes. Capillary Action is possible because air pressure that presses on the liquid and the bottom of the celery stalk is greater than the air pressure inside of the stalk. The greater air pressure wins out and the liquid travels up the capillaries. The Capillary Action principle explains why trees and plants have roots. They feast on water and nutrients through their capillaries.


    The pressure of liquid in a drinking glass will cause the liquid to fill the capillaries of the celery stalk. The drinking glass will act as the "ground" where roots of a plant or vegetable are usually found.


    Amount of liquid

    Days of exposure of the celery stalk in the liquid

    Materials Needed:

    Fresh stalk of celery

    Red food coloring

    Large drinking glass


    Plastic table knife


    Red Cabbage

    Camera and film

    3. Purpose:

    The purpose of this science fair project is to demonstrate the physics of balance through different amazing balance situations. The balance effects of everyday objects is explored. An object will balance when its center of gravity is over the point of support. The center of gravity is the location where all of the object's mass, on the average, resides. The larger the base, the more stable the object will be.


    Regular household items such as forks, jars, and pencils can be balanced on each other as long as the center of gravity is correctly located.


    The weight and shape of objects.

    Location of the center of gravity.

    Materials Needed:

    Meter stick


    Modeling clay


    Dinner forks



    Soda Bottle (2 Liter with cap)

    Glass jar with lid

    I hope i helped! xx

    Good Luck!! :)

  • 7 years ago

    I think you are going to have a problem trying to do something related to nuclear fusion or fission with only a Walmart to get materials from. The only things radioactive at Walmart are the tiny amounts of californium 252 in smoke detectors, anything with large amounts of potassium in it (like salt substitute or ice melt pellets in the winter), or possibly gas lantern mantles (but Walmart got rid of the radioactive ones a long time ago) because they don't carry watches with tritium on the hands to make them glow.

    Also, the only rigorous way to do an experiment would require a radiation detector to measure the radiation coming from the material and interacting with the target. Walmart doesn't sell radiation detectors. This might work though: http://www.ki4u.com/free_book/s60p792.htm

    If you can somehow get your hands on about a dozen bags of potassium based ice melt pellets, you would have enough radioactive material to perform a test for your science fair. You would need to measure the radiation, though. Find a target like fruit flies or bean sprouts and allow them to live and grow very close the bags of snow melt pellets. At the same time use other identical targets away from the bags and monitor how fast and how much they grow over time. You might be surprised at the results.

    Source(s): I have been a nuclear engineer since 1991.
  • 3 years ago

    I not too long ago judged a Jr. High science fair. One of the crucial reasonable initiatives were really inventive. "They color of cool"Can the colour of shingles influence the temperature of a residence? "night time Writers" - How does lack sleep impact your motor potential? They had persons keep up all night giving them typing scan at more than a few elements of the night time and after things like ingesting a cup of espresso. "The unpopables" - Which company and/or flavor of popcorn has fewer un popped kernels ? There were so many that had been first-rate. However these are those that I keep in mind because the high-quality

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    My science fair projects were all the same, The effect of music on plant growth. I bought like 8 plants, sat them in front of my tv for an hour with each one listening to different music, and one for control. I got 100% each time i did the report. Its easy, doesnt take alot of time and is cheap. Good luck with yours.

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