In chat rooms, what are the usual reasons for men unintentionally upsetting wemen?

I was using a chat-room , in a affiliated darting site, and had a very pleasant conversation with a women on the other side of the world, who we both discovered was a friend of a relative mine.

On my next visit to the chat room, was shocked to notice see had blocked me. I know of course no one, can know the exact circumstances,what are the usual guide-lines for Men, to ovoid coursing offence, or fear?.

I will make it clear I did not say anything sexually suggestive. Polite and sensible answers only please.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Perhaps it was because she and you knew someone mutual and she'd misled you about something and your relative could have busted her about it.

    Having known you online for a while I believe you about your behavior. While of course our conversations have been limited to topics of Religion & Spirituality, and I'm an older married woman so you'd have never had a reason to flirt to begin with, you've always been a very polite person even before you knew those things about me.

    I'll wager in this instance, it had to do with insecurity related to something about herself or fear that you may already know more about her than she wants known. Of course, not being present for both sides of any conversation, this is guesswork just based on being a Y/A contact of yours and reading your posts online.

    edit: If you pay attention to the "logic" of Johan, you'll likely REMAIN single.

  • 7 years ago

    Not thinking and/or being stupid (no offense). I only came up with the being stupid reason because my ex-boyfriend called himself being stupid for upsetting me with something he didn't mean to say.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Stop blaming yourself for the craziness of women. They don't have any logic.

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